A former contestant reveals what it's really like to be on The Bachelor.

Hint: It’s not pretty…

The sparkly dresses. The roses. The ridiculous rented mansion. It’s pretty easy to be fooled into thinking that being on The Bachelor is a very glamorous experience. But if Rosie Waterland‘s Bachie recaps aren’t enough to turn you off going on the show (seriously – do you really want to get a nickname like Bogan Sam?) then one former contestant’s stories of her time on the show might be.

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A former contestant of the US Bachelor, who will only be known as a former contestant of the US Bachelor and nothing else (her choice), spoke to Cosmopolitan about what life is really like for the Bachelorettes.

what is it like to be on the bachelor
This season’s Bachelor contestants. Image via Channel 10.

From hooking up off camera to the girls bitching about each other, she didn’t hold back. It’s no wonder she wanted to remain anonymous.


Here are the three most jaw-dropping moments from this JOURNEY of an interview.

1. On whether there’s actually any hooking up going on behind the scenes…

“On The Bachelor, that would never happen. It is so, so rare for there to be any interaction off-camera that doesn’t happen in a fantasy suite. If you see somebody sneaking out to the lead’s room or sneaking any sort of time with them, it’s always done with approval. There were times where I wanted to do something and I knew that the producers would like that idea, and I’d be like, “Hey I wanna do this; let’s make it happen.”And then they’d be like, ‘All right’.”

Watch a scene below from UnREAL – a fictional TV show about The Bachelor. Post continues after video.

Video via Lifetime

2. On confrontations…

“If I said, ‘I think so-and-so is talking bad about me,’ the producers would say, ‘Well, do you want to confront her about it?’ And then they’ll probably talk you into that idea. They’ll take an emotion you’re feeling and then try to work with that to their own advantage — they encourage you, but they make it seem like it’s your own idea.”

3. On whether anyone is actually there just to find love…

“Now if you’re just there for love, that’s crazy, because what are your odds of this one person being The One?! But if you think, you know, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s going to open so many doors, and I’m gonna make so many new friends — in my experience, you can’t possibly think that you’re gonna go on solely for love. But you have to be open to it. I would have felt wrong if I had gone on the show for the publicity, not wanting a boyfriend or anything.”

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Oh, and as a bonus? She talked about the house basically being like a jail. But a fun jail.

“When you go through casting, they confine you to a hotel room,” she said.

“The week leading into filming, you’re also confined to your hotel room. You’re confined to the house from the moment you’ve arrived. [But] as long as you’re getting along with your fellow contestants, it’s a very, very fun experience.”

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