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A medical student has shared the story of his worst ever shift, and oh please no.


If there’s one topic we should generally focus on more, it’s gross things doctors have to endure when they’re trying to look after us.

As a human who has been alive for almost three decades, I’ve witnessed far too many people avoid necessary medical intervention, only to agree to see a doctor once the issue has become highly confronting for everyone involved.

Stop pls

But one story in particular has captured people's attention, with internet user Abhishark sharing the details of his worst ever night shift, while working as an intern in a hospital.

Writing for Bored PandaAbhishark recalls the night he met 'Buck,' a man in his 70s, who was diabetic.


"He was not fond of showering, so much so that there was a flourishing micro-ecosystem under his panus (don’t look it up)," the student wrote, which obviously encouraged me to immediately look up the term 'panus'.

No, really, don't look it up.

"Buck loved himself and his life and was proud of his lack of basic human hygiene; he even joked that he would use his odour to deter any chores delegated to him from his wife and daughters," the story continued.

Then, Buck showed the student the 'real' reason he was there.

"He moved aside his blanket to show me his legs; my eyes went from his normal looking right leg to the sundried black hotdog that was his left leg. Even though he had his foot wrapped it was obvious that his leg from the knee down had severe gangrene.

"Buck recalled that he had foot pain two months ago and as time went on it got worse and then it got better. He only came in today at the request of his wife.

"As I undid the wrapping to take a look at his foot, his pinkie toe just popped off. Just like that. Pop. I picked up his toe husk and held it in the air; we both looked at each other in silence."


While most people would, um, panic (?) that THEIR TOE HAD JUST FALLEN OFF, Buck became... curious.

"He proceeded to reach over to his other middle toe and, with toddler-like curiosity, popped it off. He then started to laugh. And then I started to laugh while screaming on the inside."


Abhishark had to explain that the reason the pain had stopped was actually because the foot was essentially dead.

Despite the initial shock of Buck's smell, Abhishark said he was a nice guy. Once the medical staff started talking about amputation as the next step, Buck asked if they could please contact his wife, as was too ashamed to speak to her.

"I assured him that there’s no point in blaming anyone at this point and that I would call his family," Abhishark said, noting that they were "nice people".

In conclusion, if your foot hurts, maybe go to the doctor before you get to the point where your toe literally pops off on its own.

Also, please don't use your body odour as a way to get out of helping at home.

It seems... unnecessary.