'Edging' is the sex move that makes a good orgasm, great. Here's what's involved.

Sexy time feeling like a bit of a flop lately? Well, there's a trendy little sex move slinking around the streets, and we reckon it could be just the ticket to having longer, more enjoyable sex. NBD.

It's called 'edging'. Heard of it?

To give you a bit of an idea, it's basically all about exploring your body's orgasmic potential by getting right to the brink of an orgasm, before stopping for a quick smoko break and starting back up again. 

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Wanna learn more about what 'edging' involves and what it actually does? 

That's why we spoke to certified sex coach Georgia Grace and asked her everything we need to know.

What is edging?

"Edging is the practice of building and down-regulating arousal - moving towards and away from orgasm," explains Grace.

"It gets the name 'edging' as you’re basically stopping yourself from cumming before the ‘edge’ or as many people call it - ‘the point of no return’."

Basically, when you finally give in, all that built-up pressure will make for a much more satisfying release.


What's involved?

According to Grace, exactly how you practice edging is entirely up to you. While she said it’s great to practice during masturbation, it's something that can also be done during sex with others. 

So, you do you!

"Some people will touch and arouse themselves to their edge, then they’ll take their hands off or stop what they’re doing. Others may keep hands on but simply slow down or decrease the intensity and others may choose a different position." 

There are however a few things you should make sure you're doing to increase your chances of having the best.time.ever.


"Using your breath, movement, sound, touch and placement of awareness are all really important tools to support you in building arousal and down-regulating arousal," suggests Grace.

What are the benefits of edging?

Well, turns out practicing the slow burn and prolonging the time until you climax can do very wonderful things indeed.

Grace said there are TONNES of different benefits, and many of them go far beyond just having a good orgasm.

"I teach this practice to support my clients with a range of inquiries or conditions such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia and vaginismus," she said. 

How good is that?

As well as being a great practice for those who want to feel more powerful orgasms, Grace said it can also help people discover their sexual triggers, enjoy the process of stimulation and build a bit of confidence in themselves.

"It can help people be more mindful during sex, explore multiple orgasms, up-level their masturbation practice, feel more connected to their body or others, increase sensation and orgasmicity - many people can benefit from practicing edging."

And yeah - as we mentioned up there, if you're struggling with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, then it might be time to try something like edging.

"As edging is an incredibly simple and powerful tool for supporting men/people with penises with premature ejaculation, I developed a 'Last Longer Program' with Pilot that teaches edging as a fundamental tool to help men last longer. When done correctly, people see results really quickly."

Any tips on where to start?

Grace recommends practicing on your own first, because it can be easier to get a handle on the whole stop-and-start thing when you're going solo. 

If you’re practicing with someone else, just be aware that you'll need to communicate very clearly to let them know when you’re reaching your climax (some deep breathing should do the trick!). 

Below is Grace's basic step-by-step guide to incorporating edging into your masturbation and sex routines:

1. Create the context.

Tis time to set the mood!

"Do what you need to set up your space - lock the door, set the scene, you may even choose to set a timer if you’re working to last longer or if you’re time poor."

2. Check in.

"It’s often useful to have a few moments of embodied awareness - check in with your body, what are you noticing? How do you want to be touched? Then start arousing your body with breath, movement, sound, touch, tools (lube, toys etc.)."


3. Build arousal.

"Touch yourself however you like to build the arousal, be aware not to go too far." 

A hot tip? Grace suggests rating your pleasure on a scale of one to 10 to make sure you don't go over the edge to orgasm. 

"If zero is not aroused and 10 is orgasm, you’ll want to be no more aroused then eight so you can bring yourself down before your edge / point of no return."

4. Edge.

"Just before you feel you’re about to reach climax, take your hands off or slow everything down and come back to about a five on your arousal scale."

5. Build arousal.

And then go again! "After a few moments (30 seconds to a few minutes) start to build arousal again. Repeat this edging process a few times."

6. The climax.

"After a few rounds of edging or when your timer goes, build arousal for the final time and allow your body to reach orgasm."

And there you have it!

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Would you give edging a go? Do you have any other tips for making a good orgasm great? Share with us in the comment section below.

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