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'I was an "Indigo Child". Here is what my life is like.'

Indigo children.

I had never heard this term until I stumbled across an obscure and wildly popular article on Whisper titled True Life: I am An Indigo Child.

I’m sorry… you’re a what now?

But yes, the article told me. This is quite a new term for “children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities”, formerly known as ‘Crystal Children’.

So, are they legit? (Look, they’re almost definitely not, but there’s no harm in a little internet deep diving, now is there?)

Writing on Reddit, user glittersocks explained: “I can’t help be attracted to the idea that I may be one. I’m skeptical but the idea of it is intriguing.”

So, what exactly is life like when you have ‘supernatural abilities’? Pretty difficult, glittersocks says.

“I’ve always felt like I never belong anywhere. I remember as a child I was in my kitchen one night with my mum who was cooking. I looked up into the night sky and I asked my mum ‘can we go home?’ It was the strangest thing. Even now I’m older and home is my heaven on earth, but when I stare into darkness I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever find a place I belong.”

The anonymous commenter has also blamed their mind for being a misfit their entire life.

“I always thought I was born in the wrong time period – like I was born too early,” they wrote. “My mind holds the greatest emphasis on peace and on understanding that I just can’t help but feel that the world isn’t ready for someone like me just yet.”

Mainer345 kept their account of Indigo life nice and brief, writing: “As a kid I remember getting out of my crib and hanging out with beings of different colours. At night.”

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Of course, not everyone who grew up being told they are “Indigo children” bought into it.


“My neighbour tried to tell me that her child (and mine) were ‘Indigo Children’,” ZLMom wrote. “Not just ADHD, but super special beings. I cringed inwardly, accepted her little booklet, and moved on with my life.”

“People around me insisted I was psychic growing up. I’m not. Seriously,” wrote another Redditor.

“There were hundreds of coincidences that could be explained away, like the sex of my sister when she was born. The doctor said she was a boy, but I was a stubborn kid, so I was adamant.”

Not all of his spooky childhood moments can be explained, though. And there’s a lot that he has to put down to having a strong intuition.

“The only odd times that I can’t explain very well had to do with illnesses. I used to suddenly flip sh*t and make my mum call people,” he wrote.

“I knew my grandma had breast cancer, and made my mum call her the day before she knew herself.

“I also knew the second my great grandpa died, looked up from drawing, said ‘grandpa died’ and started crying. My mum called him to put my mind at ease. My aunt answered. He had an aneurysm. He wasn’t even sick prior.”

"My aunt answered. He had an aneurysm. He wasn't even sick prior." (Image: iStock)

Looking back, he thinks people often confuse psychic abilities with something incredibly simple and arguably equally as powerful.

"As far as [great grandpa] dying, I think sometimes you just know when a loved one is gone. That's not psychic, that's just love.

"I just have amazing timing, but it's not just with this stuff, it's almost every aspect of my life. I'm always at the right place at the right time, even if I have no reason to be. Some people just have good timing, and pick up on subtle things even if they themselves aren't aware they're picking up on it. That doesn't make you psychic."

Where do you land on "Indigo children"? Are they legit or something fit for a fairytale?

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