"I wasn't the biggest fan of The Bachelor's Alex Nation. But then I interviewed her."

Like a lot of Bachelor fans, I wasn’t too sure of Alex Nation when she showed up in my lounge room every Wednesday and Thursday night.

On my TV, I mean. Cmon you guys, it’s not like Alex is some crazed stalker who showed up at my house twice a week for months…

ANYWAY – you get my gist. In the 120 minutes of hormone-laden drama that Channel 10 handed Bach viewers weekly, I wasn’t really a fan of her. Alex appeared on my screen to be an incredibly jealous and emotional lass that made me pledge my unwavering allegiance to Team Nikki.

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That’s why, when Alex was crowned the ruler of Richie’s heart forevermore, I was a bit upset.

Despite the protests from Mamamia staffers who had spoken to Alex herself and told me how lovely she is, I was uncertain.

That is until approximately 11am yesterday, which shall forever now be known as the moment I FELL IN LOVE WITH ALEX NATION, YOU GUYS.

Like Richie, dude, I get you.see it all so clearly now.

I’ve interviewed a few local celebs in this job (not a humble brag – I promise – I doubt any of them could pick me from a one-person lineup) and almost always, they are lovely but distant. Polite but very busy. Friendly, but in an “I’m very aware this is a media interview” way.


Don’t get me wrong, Australian celebrities are wonderful. Every interview I’ve done has been a pleasure. But Alex? She’s the warmest personality I’ve ever spoken to.

She’s so bloomin’ friendly, it felt like I was speaking to one of my best girlfriends on the other end of the phone.

When I look at you I see my whole ????

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Upon Alex laughing to me about her irrational fear of horses (yes, really) it quickly appeared that what we didn’t see on our tellies was the bubbly, vibrant, engaging side to the “Crazy Single Mum” the Channel 10 production team wanted to sell us so badly.

I realised her humour is actually very self-deprecating, and it’s incredibly endearing.

After chatting away, I felt incredibly guilty for ever believing The Bachelor‘s Alex was indicative of Real Life Alex, because 15 minutes of talking to her proved that it is most definitely not.

I’m a believer. I’m a bloody believer.

And Alex, if you’re reading this, you are freakin’ brilliant. Sorry for ever thinking otherwise.

If the whole Richie thing doesn’t work out, I’m right here (lol jks, I have a boyfriend… but also not joking… call me xoxoxox).