'This is hands-down the best way to eat a Tim Tam.'

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I have a confession to make.

For an adult, I consume a worrying amount of Tim Tams at various points of the day. I eat Tim Tam biscuits in the car, after the gym, before having a night out and I’d definitely have them for breakfast if it was an acceptable thing to do (I’m still campaigning for them to become their own food group).

I keep my Tim Tams in my drawer at work for ’emergency situations’. Yes, I have emergency Tim Tams. Because if there isn’t a problem a Tim Tam can’t solve, I honestly don’t know what else can.

Even my dog likes a Tim Tam, I mean, look:

No dogs were harmed in the making of this photo. Image: Supplied.

I'm joking. I do not feed my dog Tim Tams. Please do not call the RSPCA or the like and claim animal cruelty by the way of delicious chocolatey coated biscuits. Of course I don't give my dog a Tim Tam because... I do not want to share them. Who does?

But while we could sit here for days talking about all the great things about Tim Tams and the various locations in which they are best to consume (pro tip: anywhere), there is in fact, one important thing we need to address.

That is, the best way to eat a Tim Tam.

If you have not heard of the Tim Tam Slam, I'd go as far as to say you're not a real Australian and you should have your citizenship revoked. Maybe a bit far? Maybe not. This is Tim Tam biscuits we're talking about and they're serious business.

For those Tim Tam rookies who have not heard of the Tim Tam Slam, I am about to educate you. You're welcome.

A Tim Tam Slam goes a little like this. Wait let's not kid, it goes exactly like this:

  1. First you bite your Tim Tam at opposite corners.
  2. Then you use the biscuit like it's a straw (sipping up the liquid of your beverage of choice - milk, coffee, tea - anything really).
  3. Then you slam the biscuit in your mouth and extreme joy ensues.

That, friends, is a Tim Tam Slam.


If you've never eaten a Tim Tam this way, I apologise because you quite likely just had your mind blown. And once you've had a Tim Tam Slam, there is just no way of going back to eating a Tim Tam any other way.

And while it's clear we love our Tim Tams, with new research from Arnott's finding a whopping 90 per cent of Australians eat Tim Tams (with 4.1 million Aussies confessing to eating them on a weekly basis), only one in three of us has actually tried a Tim Tam Slam. It really is Australia's best kept secret.  

As our favourite iconic treat, with 42 per cent of those surveyed by Arnott's saying Tim Tams were at the top of their list for their most loved treat (followed by lamingtons, pavolva and ANZAC biscuits), we're doing our country a national disservice by not slamming our Tim Tams on the reg.

For this reason, here are the best ways to do a Tim Tam Slam:

1. The in-car Tim Tam Slam.

There is no bad time/place for a Tim Tam Slam. Image: Supplied.

There is no bad time or place to do a Tim Tam Slam. That is simply fact. But where do I keep the Tim Tams? I hear you ask. In the glove box, I whisper back. Maybe not in summer, because no one wants a melted Tim Tam but in the cooler months of the year, this is one hundred per cent acceptable. I give you permission. Just not when you're driving!

2. The Tim Tam Slam Fam Bam.

Tim Tams are part of every Aussie kids' childhood. If you got home after a long day of school and Mum pulled out a packet of Tim Tams from the pantry, you knew she loved you. It really is as simple as that. And there's only one thing better than doing a Tim Tam Slam, and that's doing it with your family. So why not relive your best childhood memories and get your family around for a Tim Tam Slam family face-off? That sounds like a delicious idea.

3. The Tim Tam Slam Post-Workout Treat.

I earned this one, right? Image: Supplied.

Let's face it. The reason most of us go to the gym or do any form of physical activity is so we can we can eat more Tim Tams. So the Tim Tam Slam post-workout treat is definitely a winner. It's guilt free and I may or may not have had this one with my protein shake...

4. Tim Tam Slam adults' only version.

If you have kids around, shield their eyes. You don't want them reading what I am about to share with you. There is an adult's only Tim Tam Slam. It's called slamming your Tim Tam with Baileys. Oh. My. God. This is a drinking game waiting to happen.

5. The pre-event Tim Tam Slam.

How many Tim Tams are acceptable before an engagement party? Image: Supplied.

Finally is the pre-event Tim Tam Slam. Are you going to an engagement? A wedding? A birthday? Will there be food served? Probably. Will it be questionable? Maybe. Don't risk it and sneak in a few Tim Tam Slams before you go instead. Now the night is guaranteed to be a good one.

While Original is my Tim Tam go to, I don't discriminate against any form of Tim Tam. You can enjoy the Tim Tam Slam with Double Coat, White, Dark or Chewy Caramel too. So spread the love and make sure you're sharing your new-found knowledge of the Tim Tam Slam around with everyone you know... except maybe, well, your dog.

How do you do your Tim Tam Slam? Tell us in the comments section below. 

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner, Tim Tam

Tim Tam

Arnott’s Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and has been bringing people together to enjoy the irresistible treat for over 50 years. Tim Tam has a special combination of biscuit, cream & chocolate to create the perfect indulgent treat . It wouldn’t be a movie night in with the girls, a coffee catch-up with friends or an overseas care pack without Tim Tam!