What exactly is a Super Mum?

You probably just need to look in the mirror.

Recently, I was asked to describe a Super Mum.

I found this to be a much harder task than you might initially expect.

I don’t consider myself a super mum. I consider myself as “just a mum” and I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks of themselves in this way. I think you will find we all fit in somewhere; sometimes we just need it to be pointed out.

My interpretation of a super mum is below:

Mothers who have been up all night with their unsettled baby, then get up early to restart the day again the next day.

Mothers who breastfeed.

Mothers who bottlefeed.

Super mum right here.

Mothers who give birth naturally.

Mothers who have C-sections.

Mothers who work endlessly, trying to give their children the best start they can in life.

Mothers who eat the burnt toast, the burnt cutlet and drink the cold coffee.

Mothers who are unable to put their own children to bed at night because they are working shift work.

Mothers who are absent from their families for work.

Mothers who have a FIFO spouse.

Mothers who practise different religions and feel fear for their children.

Mothers who live in undesirable housing, who are too scared to sleep at night and will stay awake just too ensure their children are sleeping safe.

Mum's who worry are super mums.

Mothers who believe they aren’t doing a good job. But they are doing their absolute best.

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Mothers who are bringing up children that aren’t biologically theirs.

Mothers who have to bury their child/ children.

Mothers who have to bury their spouse.

Mothers who are trying their hardest to provide the best they can when there has been a separation.

Mothers who have been knocked down, verbally abused and humiliated by others; they continue to get up and remain strong for their children.

It's the woman who always gets back up.

Mothers who have to stay by the bedside of their sick child.

Mothers who have highly dependent children.


Mothers who can’t afford the school excursion but have promised to make it up to their child.

Mothers who do a mad dash to the shopping centre just to get that last minute gift for their child’s birthday.

Mothers who aren’t able to get much for birthdays or Christmases but make the most of what she can.

Mothers who are pregnant.

Mothers who didn’t give birth to live babies.

Mothers who never got to the 12-week safety mark in their pregnancy.

To the mother's of still born babies.

Mothers who have chosen to abort for whatever reasons they feel is necessary as they couldn’t provide the unborn child with the life they wanted. Not only would this be heart breaking it would also be brave, no matter anyone’s opinion.

Mothers who are victims of crimes, drugs and violence, who pledge their children will never go through life like they have.

Mothers who feel so alone that they try everything they can to make sure their child feels wanted and needed.

Mothers who are also fathers. Fathers who are also mothers.

Mothers who believe they are “part-time” mothers because they don’t have their child 100% of the time.

Mothers who are grandmothers who help raise children.

Mothers who want to start drinking wine at 10 am but know that this is undesirable with children, so instead they have another coffee.

A mother who can provide unconditional love and support to anyone who needs it. The one who can wipe away the tears. Who can make you feel as though everything will be okay. Who will assure you that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Who makes sure you don’t go to bed hungry. Even on the days that being a mother is hard work, you know you wouldn’t do it any other way.

We are all super mums in our own right. We don’t wear capes but we do rock dressing gowns like there’s no tomorrow! This mother’s day show how much you care. Tell a mother you know how much you appreciate her. As they may not know how fantastic they are and may even consider themselves as, “Just another mum.”

This post originally appeared on The Modern Mumma.

Who do you know that is a super mum (or superhuman)? 

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