The fish bra: Instagram's latest bizarre trend.

The fish bra. It’s the latest hashtag-driven ‘fashion’ trend reeling in women all over the world.

Confused? It’s exactly what it sounds like: women wearing their latest catch in place of a regular bra.

Like this…

Instagram/ Fishbras

And this...

Instagram/ Fishbras

And these...

Instagram/ Fishbras

Don't worry, you're not missing anything. There's no subtext, no ulterior motive, no social cause.

Hell, there doesn't seem to be any reason for it whatsoever.

Still, it's proving pretty popular with Instagram users. So much so that 117,000 people follow an account devoted to sharing the best fish bra snaps.

Yet after spending (probably too much) time trawling through the more than 2,500 #fishbra posts, we finally settled on our fave...

#fishbra #cod

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