What have been your BEST and WORST moments of the week?

BEST: No contest. Matt Preston named a Cravat after me. A CRAVAT. AFTER ME. Be still my heart. And his neck.

Thank you to all the MM’ers who contacted me to alert me to this wonderful fact as reported yesterday on…

FLAMBOYANT food critic Matt Preston has a name for each of his 96 cravats.

He is wearing Mia today – a brown and orange paisley scarf given to him by a friend in Adelaide and named after former magazine editor and popular blogger, Mia Freedman.

“Mia wrote a very nice thing about me so I thought I better give her a cravat,” Preston says over lunch at one of his favourite restaurants in Sydney, Becasse.

“And it just looked like Mia Freedman”. Even if I don’t understand what that means.

He loosens Mia and shows me Marina, a red scarf that he has teamed with his polished ensemble of cream pants, blue and yellow shirt, Heraldic cufflinks, brown velvet jacket (with an AFL grandfinal pin on the lapel) and cowhide boots.

The thing I wrote that Matt is referring to is this post and I meant every word. I am yet to see MY cravat so I will have to satisfy myself with the description “brown and orange paisley….and it just looked like Mia Freedman”.

Naturally, there is no Worst for me this week. Or perhaps ever again…..

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