What happens when you ask Sephora for a "light and casual" makeover.

Anyone who has had their makeup done professionally knows all too well that you come out looking NOTHING like you expected.

Because in day-to-day life you probably have four products or so that you rely on as your staples.

But in makeup land, there are squillions of “staples”.

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So ask a professional to give you a light make-over, and they have a very different definition of what that means.

Reddit user ‘taostan’ discovered this when she went into makeup oasis Sephora to get her face done up.

She said that she asked for a “light, casual” makeover. This was the result.

Yep, at Sephora, winged eyeliner falls under "light makeup". So does eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow. And heck, maybe even some lip liner, highlighter and bronzer too.

As one commenter remarked: "this is like, Amy Winehouse-light."

But hey, she looks awesome. And I'm sure she had fun with her new face for the day.