Tammin Sursok has ended up in hospital.

We hope she’s feeling better soon.

Yesterday Tammin Sursok posted a photo to social media. She looked slightly pale and captioned the image, “This is what the stomach flu looks like #killme”.

A sick Tammin Sursok.

Since this photo was taken though the 31-year-old actress's condition seems to have taken quite the slide downhill.

Today she posted a cropped image in a hospital bed, with white hospital clothes on and a drip in her arm. The caption read, "Not good."

In hospital with a drip...

It seems Tammin's condition has become so bad that she has been hospitalised and bedridden.

She may have got the flu from her gorgeous little daughter, Phoenix, who was sick in bed (with daddy looking after her) a week prior.

A sickly Phoenix with her dad.

The former Home and Away star captioned the image, "Monkey is sick. Daddy is the best."

We're not sure how bad Tammin's flu is, but we hope she's feeling better soon.

What's the worst flu you've ever had?

CLICK THROUGH to see Tammin with her gorgeous daughter Phoenix...

Want more? Try:

"Tammin Sursok is re-launching her singing career."

"There's only one thing on Tammin Sursok's wishlist this Christmas."

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