What ever happened to Corinne and Kirk from My Kitchen Rules?

Remember My Kitchen Rules’ Corinne Wieland and David “The Captain” Kirk?

They were season five’s villains who had a ruthless approach to feedback and almost nothing positive to say about rivals’ dishes.

Which, of course, wouldn’t have been much of a problem if they were able to actually deliver and plate quality dishes of their own.

Instead, when the duo appeared on the show in 2014, they scored a very humbling 27 points out of a possible 110, which at the time was the lowest score in My Kitchen Rules’ history. (That title was seized by Bek and Ash this year, when they scored 26.)

The couple also put audiences offside when David referred to his younger partner as his “trophy wife”.

So where are they now?

Well, when 35-year-old Corinne and 56-year-old David first graced our small screens, they were engaged but unable to wed due to the fact they were still married to their respective exes.

In July 2015 the couple married, telling Woman’s Day the wedding was “the best day of their lives”.

“It was the most amazing day,” David told the magazine at the time.

“It was everything we hoped it would be – it couldn’t have been more perfect.”


More than two years on and it would appear the couple are still together, regularly posting on social media.

Most recently – and on her own Instagram account – Corinne shared a photo of the couple together at Reef House restaurant in Palm Cove.

Much of the couple's time in the limelight was plagued by controversy and confusion, with allegations the couple's relationship began as a "secret affair".

While the show was still airing, Corinne's former husband David Wood told Woman's Day that David broke up their marriage after they all became friends while living in Cairns.

"He was our neighbour, a friend … we had dinner parties together," Wood told the magazine at the time.

However, they are allegations Corinne denied at the time, telling Sunrise you "can't believe everything you read".

Regardless, both the allegations and controversy seemed to have little impact on their relationship, with the couple appearing as together as ever three years later.

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