The most memorable moments of 2015. Yes, we're nostalgic already.


It is the last day of 2015, and already I’m nostalgic for the year that was.

It’s been a big year for us at The Motherish; we were once iVillage Australia and we’ve completely refreshed our site. Our Editor-in-Chief and our Managing Editor, Avi Vince, had a baby. We brought you some fantastic stories, some poignant moments and some hilarious posts.

But it’s been a big year across the board.

Malcolm Turnbull became PM, Joe Hockey became Ambassador to the US, Tony Abbott bought a second hand fridge and Julie Bishop continued to reign supreme.

Leaving the hospital. Image via Getty.

Princess Charlotte was born, Kate Middleton got a fringe, Prince George was very cute and Prince William remained largely nondescript.

A female jockey won the Melbourne Cup, she celebrated with her brother, the horse’s trainer, and the Victorian Racing Club realised that women could ride horses.

Leigh Sales owned everyone on 730, and re-cemented her place as one of our country’s most accomplished, capable journalists. She wore some clothes. Twitter had something to say about it.

The first season of The Bachelorette Australia went to air. We all read Rosie’s recaps, hated on that international model dude, collectively fell in love with Sam, and celebrated Sasha the regular dude.

Sasha, a triumph for the regular guy. Image supplied.

Adam Goodes was inexplicably booed, which restarted a national conversation about racism.

We got Netflix, watched Nashville, Friday Night Lights, Jessica Jones, and a whole bunch of direct to VHS movies that none of us are really going to admit to. The Decoy Bride, anyone?

Rosie Batty was named Australian of the Year, and we paid more attention than ever before to the scourge of domestic violence and violence against women in our community.

Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee’s sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, was published, and the name Atticus entered the charts for top baby names as a result.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner broke up and romantics everywhere declared that love was dead.

Love is dead. DEAD, I tell you. DEAD. Image via Getty.

Caitlyn Jenner did a cover shoot for Vanity Fair magazine and made trans issues part of everyday conversation.

Ashley Madison was hacked and cheaters worldwide panicked as a result.

Lara Bingle had a baby and named him Rocket Zot, but that was not the strangest celebrity baby name of the year. Saint West, anyone?

Mick Fanning literally punched a shark in the head. Australia collectively took in a sharp breath before swearing, “fair dinkum, it doesn’t get much more Aussie than that.”


Bindi Irwin won Dancing with the Stars in the US, Dea and Darren won The Block, Billie won Masterchef, Will and Steve won MKR and now I’m bored of reality TV.

The all female Masterchef 2015 finale. Image via Facebook.

Thanks to a viral video, we all agreed that activewear was only for times of actual activity.

Post continues after video...

Video via Van Vuuren Bros

The Kardashians did a heap of stuff. Too much to cover, most of it not especially interesting. Highlights include the Kylie Jenner lip challenge which we do not recommend, while Kim and Kanye had a baby which we do recommend if that’s what you’d like to do with your life.

Malcolm Fraser, one of the nation’s finest examples of what it means to be a member of the Liberal Party, died.

Waleed Aly joined the cast of The Project and was described by Helen Razer as, “a handsome Muslim scholar with a voice like soothing balm.”

Waleed Aly, the thinking woman's crumpet.

A woman ran a marathon, got her period but kept running anyway. Another woman’s pad slipped out while on national television in Mexico. A British woman protested taxes on tampons by free bleeding outside the House of Commons and Australian women continued to protest the bloody disgrace that is the GST on tampons.


Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello and wore 78 dresses as part of the event. Mary-Kate Olsen also got married and provided bowls of cigarettes to her guests. We’re still not really sure why.

And last but not least, an Australian politician put the most authentic toddler moment ever on his Christmas card. Thank you, Andrew Leigh.

Andrew Leigh and family, a realistic depiction of every photo shoot with a three year old, ever. Image via David Foote AUSPIC.

Happy new year, friends. Here’s to 2016 and beyond.

Did you have a baby? Get a big promotion? Buy a house? What has been your moment of 2015.