This is what the world looks like from the perspective of a 19-month-old.

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from the perspective of a toddler?

Things must be… different down there. They’re so close to the ground. What are they doing? What can they see? What do they focus on? Well, thanks to 19-month-old Stanley Jones, we now have a clear idea.

It all started with Stanley’s dad, Timothy – a photographer for the British Army. Tim made sure Stan always had a few “old crappy point-and-shoot film cameras in his toy box to play with,” but on a recent occasion, he gave Stan his Canon G12.

Whether or not it’s in his genes, we can’t be sure, but unlike most toddlers, Stan didn’t spend the day bashing the camera against walls or seeing if he could eat it.

Instead, he wandered around snapping of all his activities, from the perspective of an inquisitive, tiny and very artistic little boy. According to his dad, he said ‘cheese’ at literally everything, and even switched the settings to sepia at one point.

“I’m guessing he was feeling a bit pretentious and wanted to change the style of his shots” wrote Tim.

Being the little hipster-photographer he is, he even looked through the viewfinder rather than the camera’s LCD screen.

'Must take photos properly. Like growedup photographer.' Image courtesy of Timothy Jones.

Once Stan had finished taking his photos (and, apparently, started to press all of the buttons) Tim put the memory card into his computer, and was impressed with the results.

"Stan had the camera for about 45 mins that day," he told Mamamia. 

"He has picked it up a few more times since then as well."

"It was cool to see how he views the world. What he saw when he looked down, how we looked when he looked up at us and how Jasper the beagle looks to him."

It's very cool, indeed. Here are Stan's snaps.


On his blog, Tim asked: "What do you think? Is he any good?"

"Is the dude a photographer in the making or should he hang the camera up now and get back to watching Paw Patrol and colouring in?"

Personally, I think Stan is brilliant, and his images give a rare insight into the perspective of a toddler.

For example, Stan really likes to know what his dog is up to.

'Do you want to play?' Image courtesy of Timothy Jones.

He lives his life very close to the ground.

'No biggie if I fall over.' Image courtesy of Timothy Jones.

And there's nothing quite like mum's smile.

The best thing in the world. Image courtesy of Timothy Jones.

One thing is for sure - the world looks like a pretty beautiful place through Stanley's eyes.

Images via JonesMrJones photography

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