The strange, secret code taking over Kendall and Kylie Jenner's social media.

I was deep in my routine Instagram stalk yesterday when something stopped me in my scrollin’ tracks.

I was catching up on the lives of Instagram models (they’re still wearing itty bitty bikinis) and food bloggers (they’re still eating lots of kale) and the Kardashian/Jenner sisters (they’re still plugging nonsensical ‘hair vitamins’).

Everything was all beautiful people! and sponsored posts! and shiny things I could never afford! until something unusual caught my eye.

On Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts, there’s lots (and I mean LOTS) of this:

"Lb and cb 10000%" Wait... what?

LB last! LB first! LB quick! LB only! LB LB! Fans were commenting at lightning speed. As soon as I refreshed, a new stream of 'LB's and 'CB's came flooding in.

All I could think was: "WHAT THE JEFF IS HAPPENING?!"

Well, upon conducting a quick search, it was made glaringly obvious.

It's code.

Yep! Kylie and Kendall Jenner's fans are quite partial to using the world's most easily translated, basic, egocentric code. (I know, Kardashian/Jenner fans using code comes as a surprise to me too.)

'LB' is the abbreviation for 'like back', while 'CB' means 'comment back'.

kylie jenner boyfriend
CODE. They're using CODE. (Image: Instagram @KylieJenner)

This means writing 'LB' and 'CB' is a way of trading likes and comments back and forth between strangers. If I was to partake in this bizarro trade, I would go onto the commenter's page and like their photo/s.

In return, they will (supposedly) go on to my page and return the favour.

Does it make much sense?

Uhhhhhhhh no, no it does not.

But considering these young people could be spending their time exchanging images of their dangly bits on Snapchat, I think this is an A-OK way for them to keep busy.

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