Ever wondered how cute, innocent Ben from Friends turned out?

For Friends fans, Ben Gellar was like your six-year-old second cousin who popped back into your life every year or so, every time looking a little bit older, a little less cute and little more awkward.

Granted, your six-year-old distant cousin may have been better looked after by his own dad than Ben’s, with Ben’s own getting married three times in the space of about ten years and Ben appearing next to his dad on the show only a few times more than Ross had weddings.

But alas, we move forward.

Because so, too, has Ben Gellar.

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Or Cole Sprouse as he is known in a non-Friends world.

 And Sprouse is no longer that blonde kid with a confrontingly spiky fringe and a couple of buck-teeth.
Nay. He is longer like that all….

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If that all went over your head, we ain’t kidding. That’s Ben from Friends. That’s Ross Gellar’s son.

 And if you got a chance to read/decipher/understand/care about his caption, he seems he has grown into that fringe and those teeth with some sense and become quite the philosopher/heavy thinker/quoter/someone we don’t really understand.

BUT if you do want anymore good news this weekend, we can also inform you that Sprouse has a twin. A very similar looking twin.

We just gave you two for the price of one.

And you’re welcome.

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