Indigenous activist at art fair told Pauline Hanson she's "not welcome here."


An Indigenous Australian activist yelled at Senator-elect Pauline Hanson as she left the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair yesterday.

A video has been shared on Facebook of the event.

In the video, a young man is seen heckling Hanson as she walks down the stairs of the building.

“Now you’re kicking the Muslims around,” the man says. “You’re just a racist redneck with your red hair.”

The One Nation leader looks back at the man briefly with a smile on her face and continues to walk away.

“Go back to Ipswich to your fish and chips shop,” the man continues. “You’re disgraceful.”

“You’re a woman lacking moral fibre, you’re intellectually dishonest and you’re not welcome here.”

When Hanson reaches the bottom of the stairs, she looks back and the man and the crowd near him erupts into applause and cheers.

The video has been watched over 900 thousand times.

Watch Pauline Hanson tell the media she is “not interested” in their criticism.