What day of the week are you? Your answer reveals a lot about you.

Quick, think fast: what day of the week are you?

Don't get it confused with what day of the week you like best. I want to know what day of the week you think you are as a person. 

There's a reason why you thought of that specific day. 

A video went viral this week where a woman explained there is actually psychology behind your answer and that people who choose the same day often share the same outlook. 

And it got the people of our office TALKING. 

One was offended when we all agreed she was "such a Monday". Another was convinced she's a Thursday (when clearly she's a Tuesday). 

@feleciaforthewin Okay soo which are you? 😯😂📆💭 and lmk if the interpretation accurate? Lol the crazy part is that everyone else also knows which day you are lol almost like its an aura or something ✨😯🤣🤯😄 ⚠️ FYI the idea of “Weekday Theory” is literally just for fun and is not based on science! #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #personality #personalitytest #subconsciousmind #consciousness #psychologyhacks #darkpsychology #myersbriggs #humandesign ♬ original sound - Felecia For The Win

So I decided to come up with my own theory (AKA the correct theory) about what your answer says about you as a person. 

Grab your popcorn and hold your breath, I'm about to get deep and personal. 

What to know what day of the week you are? Find out by taking our quiz.

If you're a Monday...

Monday people live to work, and you love it. You're smart, structured and organised. Some people would describe you as the "planner" in your household and you love holding that position. If you're a Monday, you have your entire month planned down to the hour. 

The minute someone asks "hey, can we do lunch instead of dinner?" you low-key freak-out. How dare they ask such a ridiculous question? 

You're the person who plans the group events, organises the birthday gifts and even stacks the dishwasher because we all know that it has to be stacked your way. 


Mondays are the most reliable friend. You're the least likely to cancel at the last minute and if you do, you genuinely feel horrible about it. 

Some fellow Monday-ers include Michelle Obama, Prince William and Lorde.

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Video via Mamamia.

If you're a Tuesday...

As a Tuesday, you love filling your cup. You aim for a perfect mix of fulfilment from both work and leisure. You love the feeling of achieving something whether it be completing a big project at work or making your bed in the morning. 

If you're a Tuesday, you usually start the morning great and energetic but experience a big dip in your mood around 2pm. Don't worry though, you'll get a second wind around 5pm, just when you thought you'd have to cancel drinks with the girls. 

You are known for your quick wit and rogue commentary that will either make people look at you in shock or roll on the floor laughing.

Tuesdays are down for a good time, but a chilled time. Of course, you love a party once in a blue moon, but much prefer mini-outings in one to two-hour increments throughout the week. 


Tuesday-ers are big-idea people but struggle in actually implementing those big ideas. You're also the type of person to get annoyed when someone gets in the shower before you because you were thinking about getting in the shower for the past two hours. The audacity! 

Famous Tuesday-ers like yourself include Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. 

If you're a Wednesday...

Wednesdays, you beautiful creatures are the glue of your friendship groups. Your calm demeanour allows you to be the person that everyone opens up to and feels safe with. You're level headed and known for never rushing into anything. 

Wednesdays are usually the forgotten souls amongst the other louder personalities (I'm looking at you, Thursdays) but that just makes you more powerful. One of your biggest strengths is listening, making you the keeper of all secrets. 

You sometimes struggle to show your true colours because you don't want to be a burden. To that, I will say BE A BURDEN, you do so much for the people in your life, I'm sure they will love to return to favour to someone they love.

People who are Wednesdays embody a go-with-the-flow mentality and are always down for a last-minute dinner and drinks catchup (provided it's after pay-day of course). 

Other Wednesday-ers are Nichola Coughlan, Ayo Edebiri and Michelle Yeoh.


If you're a Thursday...

If you identify as a Thursday-er, you really wanted to be a weekend day but didn't want to sound too obnoxious.

Don't worry, you're in the right place. You are stressed 24/7 and even though you try not to let it show, we can all see it in your eyes. Don't worry, being stressed isn't always a bad thing, it helps you keep things short and sweet. 

Thursdays love a fun time but not a long time — you want to be home by 9pm most days but don't get me wrong, if you're at a social event, you are the social eventThe minute everyone finds out that a Thursday is coming, the vibe is immediately lifted. 

You're the master of small talk and can make anyone feel like they're interesting and funny. You know a good idea when you see it and love tapping into that creative side of your mind. 

Thursday-ers like you include Taylor Swift, Donald Glover and Tom Cruise.

If you're a Friday...

Well well well, what do we have here? 

You live your life so carefree that we never know what you're going to do next. It's extremely hard for someone to lock you down as your calendar is filled with plan after plan, every single day of the week. 

You love big events. The more people, the better. You struggle to juggle your social calendar and are known for being a bit spacey when it comes to remembering important things. 

You're a hard worker and usually find yourself going above and beyond for your job. You do, however, get burnt out quickly and yearn for multiple mini-holidays throughout the year. 


Fridays are the life of the party, and by party, I mean literally all social events. You're keen for pre-event catchups as well as post-event catchups and everything in between.

You're chronically online because your mind has to be occupied 24/7 which allows you to be the prime gossiper and holder of knowledge amongst your peers.

Your fellow Friday-ers are Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dua Lipa.

If you're a Saturday...

Saturdays prioritise their leisure and relaxation over anything else. You work to live and love counting down the days to your next big holiday. 

If you're a Saturday person, I have one question for you... what's your hobby? I know you have one. Only Saturday-ers treat their hobbies like it's a job. Whether it's knitting, going on long drives to nowhere or cooking up a banging roast dinner, you really value the time you have to yourself. 

You want to make the most of your days and choose to wake up early, even on the days you don't have to go to work. 

Don't get me wrong, when you need to wind down, you're the expert at doing so. A two-hour nap? You have a pillow ready to go. Watching re-runs of an old sitcom? The remote is already in your hand. A long walk in a park? The shoes are on. 

You also value the time others choose to spend with you. You try to give them the best version of yourself and you make them feel special and valued. You're literally sunshine in a bottle. 


Other Saturday-ers like you are Zendaya, Adele and Idris Elba.

If you're a Sunday...

If someone were to throw a ball at your face right now, you'd catch it. Why? Because you are prepared for anything. Sunday-ers are similar to Monday-ers but they're not good at organisation (sorry).

You love planning your day exactly the way you want it and you're not too bothered with anyone else. You have to have your "me" time and will decline any social plans if you've already carved out time with yourself. 

Sundays can come across as a bit rude, but it's because you know exactly what you want and you know it makes you a better person for it. When you do hang out with friends, you give them your full, unwavering attention. Your home is your safe place and you're passionate about making it reflect your cosy, charming personality. 

You're more likely to try new things on your own whether it be a hobby or travelling, but you're more than willing to share your interests and passions with those who you trust. 

Some other Sunday-ers are Beyonce, Mindy Kaling and Hugh Jackman.

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