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Thoughtfully, Caroline Overington releases her annual novel on my birthday. I’ve always found this to be a delightful case of serendipity because it means I can spend the October long weekend immersed in some of the best fiction I have ever read.

I start a lot of books. A lot. Do you?

The part I struggle with is those first few chapters of a book where – even if you are enjoying it – you need to invest time in getting to know the characters and slipping comfortably into the author’s writing style.

Often, I never get past those first few chapters. My bedside table is like a graveyard for books I’m yet to finish.

And then there are Caroline’s books.

When a new one arrives (this is her third, there’s also the gripping Ghost Child and the magnificent I Came To Say Goodbye) I often will pick it up and quickly flick to the first page to see what it’s like. And then within the first sentence I literally have to put my life on hold and surrender to the extraordinary way she has of transporting you into the minds and lives of her characters.

Caroline Overington

I read Caroline’s books standing up. I take them to the bathroom with me – that’s how engrossed I become.

Like her last book, Matilda Is Missing is narrated by an older man. How a young woman like Caroline can so perfectly channel the speech of an elderly man is a mystery to me but by God she does. It’s a beautiful, emotional, illuminating read.  It tells the story of a relationship breakdown – actually a few of them – from the points of view of the heart-broken, angry and bewildered characters who are so real as to spark off the page. It’s a contemporary tale of the family court but told with such insight that comes from her career as a journalist covering some of the most difficult cases you can imagine.

It’s one of those books you can’t stop thinking about and don’t want to end.

I don’t want to tell you anymore because I don’t want to spoil it. Just buy Matilda Is Missing. Or borrow it. Read it. Run don’t walk here now and order it.

Yes, I loved it that much. And then, if you haven’t read I Came To Say Goodbye and Ghost Child, get hold of them too.

From left: I Came To Say Goodbye, Ghost Child, Matilda is Missing

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What are you reading right now and what was the last book you finished?

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