Hey Mia: What book are you stuck in right now?

The book’s protagonist apparently likes it up the arse.  Is that one reason Maestra‘s being penned as ‘the next big thing’?

Mia’s just finished the L.S. Hilton thriller that bills itself as a cross between Gone Girl and The Talented Mr Ripley. 

By day, Judith Rashleigh is a put-upon assistant at a London auction house.

By night she’s a hostess in one of the capital’s unsavoury bars.

And then Judith discovers a “dark secret” in the art world and, of course, everything changes or you wouldn’t have a novel lasting 384 pages.

Mia says she’s a sucker for the next big thing and tells Rebecca Sparrow she kept hearing Maestra might be it.

For Mia, it was like 50 Shades of Grey, meets American Psycho meets The Da Vinci Code.

“There’s sex, but it’s much more plot driven than 50 Shades. It’s more like The Da Vinci Code in that way and it’s set in the art world as well.”

What would Mia give it out of ten?

Well, that’s not so easy to answer.