What are you feeling smug/crap about this week?

Welcome to a brand new post inspired by suggestions from some lovely MM readers who have already read my book. Each week (if this works) I’m going to ask you what you’re feeling particularly smug and particularly crap about.

Note: This is different to Friday’s best/worst moments of the week post because… is. Best/worst is all about highlights and lowlights. Things that happen to you or around you. Often, things out of your control.

But CRAP/SMUG is about things that YOU’VE done that make you feel guilty or proud of yourself.


1 – you don’t have to have both, you can have just one.

2 – in my book, I know it related specifically to being a mother but for the purposes of this post, it doesn’t have to. Mothers certainly don’t have a monopoly on feeling guilty. Or smug. So I’ll go first….

SMUG: I cleaned dog poo and then vomit out of my carpet with uncharacteristic good humour and very little complaint (two unfortunate incidents at either end of Sunday) because it was Father’s Day and I’d made a pledge to let my husband have a day free from all things unpleasant.

CRAP: I sent my child to yet another birthday party this week without a present. I am HOPELESS at presents. It’s my blind spot. Not because I’m tight. Just because I am horribly disorganised and only ever remember about 3 minutes before I (or my child) is due to attend a birthday. I really must find a way to change this because it’s shockingly rude.

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