What are you feeling Smug and Crap about this week?

I seriously cannot believe how fast this has rolled around. If you’re new to this post, it’s based on a chapter in my book where I theorise that every mother (and indeed every person) has an internal Smug List and Crap List (guess which is longer) on which we mentally keep tabs of everything we feel proud about and everything we feel guilty about.

And I noted that if more of us shared our Crap lists in particular, their potency for making us feel like, well, crap, would be somehow reduced.

As is traditional, I shall go first.

SMUG: I have finally got my act together to enrol my smaller children in swimming lessons, the baby for the first time and the toddler again after taking a break over winter. Even though I loathe going to swimming lessons. LOATHE. IT. Perhaps a hangover from learning to swim myself, something I really didn’t love. Or perhaps because I can’t stand all the chlorine and the getting wet part.

CRAP: I have had a week of very bad Potty Mouth. Seriously, the part of my brain labelled “Words You Are Not To Say Around Your Children” seems to have rebelled against me and basically said fuck off.

Must Try Harder To Be A Role Model. Or, you know, a PROPER PARENT.


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