What are you eating tonight?

I like this style of eating.  It is the kind of dinner that I can really relate to.  I can even cook it. Victoria Haschka writes

These are the only ingredients you will need

I’m not having dinner.

I haven’t been sent to my room for being naughty. I’m not on a diet and I’m not drunk.

I’m in the house on my own and quite frankly, tonight I couldn’t be fussed.

If I was my Mum and I was alone I’d probably tuck into a hunk of cheese and the heel of a loaf of bread.

If I was my husband I’d combine six different types of condiments and light the barbecue so I could  eat a mess of ribs, and lick sauce off my wrists without seeing my spouse wince.

If I was wearing another one of my personas I might I might push the boat out.  Since the spouse hates the smell of smoked salmon, I might be making pasta for one lovingly by hand, and filling it with smoked salmon and a splodge of crème fraiche. I’d dress it with some capers and lemon juice and watch Q &A in peace.

Other nights and other moods might call for a tub of chocolate rock and a teaspoon, or instant miso with floating islands of tofu, eaten from a mug with my name on it.

But none of those are going to do tonight.  It’s not even going to be roasted tomato soup from a bag, jazzed up with pebbles of fennel and a thwack of pesto.

Instead it’s a pile of ripe cherry tomatoes, with flakes of salt on the side and a big glass of pink wine.

It might not be much of a dinner, but it’s darn good.

And if anyone asks, I made a very nutritious stir fry with leafy greens and ate it with brown rice, ok?

What are you having for  dinner?


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