Highlights? Nope, we'll take underlights, please.

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Late last year, we picked the brain of award-winning hairdresser Jules Tognini of Brisbane salon AKA Togninis to find out his predictions of the hair trends we’d see dominate 2016. One he spoke of was a more “underground” approach to colouring hair both natural and bright.

A couple of months in and we’re seeing a serious emergence of “underlights”, a sneaky version of highlights. Nice prediction, Jules.

“Underlights are a hair colour technique in which the highlights are applied to an ‘under layer’ of hair only rather than all over the head,” explains George Giavis, master colourist at the George Giavis Salon. (Watch: Three hacks to fight the frizz. Post continues after video.)

As it’s more subtle than traditional highlights, it’s a great way to make hair look natural and shiny.

“It works beautifully with natural colours (particularly if you have a textured layered cut) as it gives wonderful dimension to hair and delivers a very natural look without giveaway signs,” says Giavis.

One of those signs? Dreaded regrowth. (Post continues after gallery.)


“If you’ve never had your hair coloured before it provides the perfect opportunity to add texture and depth without the fear of regrowth. Its also a great technique for busy women who are not sure when they will have the time for their next colour appointment.”

Yes, it is possible to dye your hair without having to worry about what feels like weekly touch ups. Miracles do happen!

If you feel like something a little brighter, underlights are also a great way to make rainbow hair work-appropriate.

Rainbow underlights. Image: Instagram/@lady_lenox
"It works brilliantly for those more adventurous with their colour as they can hide a more risqué colour underneath. You can hide your 'pinks and blues' by day and simply by pulling up your hair into a demi chignon/half up do reveal a very different look," says Giavis.

Low fuss highlights without the stress of regrowth? Count. Us. In.

Have you had underlights before? Would you?