The subtle "tweakments" stars are having before they hit the red carpet.

Sometimes makeup just isn’t quite enough — particularly when you’re a world-famous celebrity who’s expected to look a certain way in front of the cameras.

But there’s an alternative for those who don’t want to go under the knife: “tweakments”.

The word is used to describe subtle, barely noticeable cosmetic procedures; in plain speak, anything that is more involved than makeup, but less invasive than surgery.

That means Botox is a “tweakment”; so too are lip injections, chemical peels and fillers. But these procedures are old news — some of the tweakments available are mind-blowing.

And, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Hunt, celebrities are loving them. Dr Hunt appeared on Today Extra to talk through some of the options they’re using.

1. Fat-dissolving injections

Nothing draws attention away from a soft chin faster than a scarf — alas, celebrities can’t exactly wear scarves on the red carpet.

However, there’s a product called Kybella that’s on it’s way to Australia, which Laser Medical describes as being able to dissolve fat via a simple injection. Not only can Kybella dissolve chin fat, it’s can also address back fat, bra overhang and saggy hips.

2. Spray tan contouring

No time to exercise your abs into a six-pack? No problem. Now spray tans can be used to contour your body, shading away trouble spots and painting on six-packs. You can also contour your arms, neck, chest and legs. Tricky.

So-called 3D and 4D tans are available in Australia at Colour Me Bronze, to name one.

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3. Stem-cell facials

Stem-cells aren’t just for those suffering severe physical impairments and life-threatening diseases. Dr Hunt says they can also be used in facials to transform skin cells, helping them to rejuvenate.

The stem-cells used in facials aren’t those taken from the human body, but are cultivated by scientists from plants, according to Exclusively Beauty.

4. Facial contouring

Dr Hunt suggested Lady Gaga – along with many celebrities – may have undergone facial contouring, which means the shape of the face has been cosmetically altered. He told Sonia Kruger and David Campbell this can take many forms, including surgical alterations.

“And then you can change the shape of the soft tissue [on the face] by using fillers to increase volume, say, on the cheekbone,” he added.

Do you think “tweakments” are a gateway to cosmetic surgery?