Everyone is talking about 'gym lips' - the makeup trick you've probably been doing for yonks.

There’s been this term floating around the interwebs… namely, TikTok. And everyone is on about it.

It’s called ‘gym lips’. Heard of it? 

Nah, it has nothing to do with working out, promise!

The trendy term actually refers to a makeup technique - and it's gaining MASSIVE popularity because it's so incredibly easy to do. The best part? We guarantee you'll already have everything you need in your makeup bag.

We love it when that happens!

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So, what exactly does the 'gym lips' makeup trend involve?

Allow me to explain.

What is the 'gym lips' makeup trend?

The term was actually coined by New York makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, and it’s a makeup technique that involves using a neutral, fleshy coloured lip liner (the shade will be different for everyone!), and overlining your lips ever-so-slightly.

You basically fill them in, and then apply a plumping balm or a regular lip balm over the top to finish it off.

That's it! Told you it was easy.

The point? It’s the perfect everyday lip. Something that wouldn’t look out of place if you’re going to, say, the gym or wearing minimal makeup. It’s supposed to look really natural - that fresh, plump, glowy look.

Check it out below:

@makeupxka let’s bring gym lips to tik tok lmao #gymlips my go to liner is @Kevyn Aucoin in divine or @ABH Cosmetics ♬ original sound - Kelli Anne Sewell

We know, we know. It's not all that groundbreaking, and you’ve probably already been doing it for years, but I gotta say - it’s a cool term! And, y’know - what’s old is always new again.

Sewell posted a follow up clip on TikTok, saying she realises she "isn't re-inventing the wheel", but it's a "fun name for a very 'no makeup' makeup overlined lip that looks like you're wearing no makeup but just have plump, juicy lips."

@makeupxka #gymlips on insta is trending I think idk but lfg #TalkingTree #MoveWithTommy #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound - Kelli Anne Sewell

And look, as someone who doesn’t like wearing lipstick, I’m really into it.

Listen: Find out what Leigh Campbell and I thought of the ‘gym lips’ hack on the You Beauty podcast below.


Y’see, I’m lazy. I also hate having to touch up my makeup. Whereas this technique feels like if the liner and balm were to wear off during the day, you wouldn’t look in the mirror at 3pm and feel like you’d need to fix it.

So, I gave it a whirl!

For the products, I used a MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil, $30, that I've had since the 1800s. I also used a Dior Lip Glow Oil, $57.

The lip pencil is not okay.

Now, instead of filling in my lips, I actually just lined them and blended it out a bit with my finger. I then went over the top with the Glow Oil. 

And you know what? I reckon it looks pretty good! 

Image: Supplied.


Again, while it's not particularly new in terms of technique, it reminded me just how easy it is to do a subtle lip look without having to wear lipstick.

I'm on board! 

The best products for 'gym lips'.

The products! Below, I’ve popped in a few recommendations for lip combos - although, chances are you’ve probably got everything you need in your makeup bag. (You do, don’t you? Knew it).

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pillow Talk, $32.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury

Maybelline Lifter Gloss Plumping Lip Gloss With Hyaluronic Acid, $18.95

Image: Adore Beauty


L’Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner, $8.99.

Image: Chemist Warehouse

Carmex Lip Balm Jar, $5.99.

Image: Chemist Warehouse

Have you tried the 'gym lips' makeup trend before? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Tiktok/@makeupxka

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