FYI: The 'baby heart' is the latest pose you're about to see everyone doing on Instagram.

Move over duckface, peace sign and even you, #nomakeupselfie. There’s a new selfie trend coming up, and for once, it has nothing to do with the Kardashians.

‘Baby hearts’ is the cute pose sweeping South Korea, and coming soon to an Instagram feed near you.

Also known as the ‘finger heart’, all you need to do is cross the tips of your forefinger and thumb (like you’re about to click your fingers), and bam!

The crossed fingertips form the shape of a little heart.

You can do it with one hand. You can do it with two. Baby hearts everywhere!

It’s a sign of love, gratitude, happiness and everything gwiyeobda (which means cute).

Eva Chen, Instagram’s fashion editor and former editor of popular US magazine Lucky, did ‘baby hearts’ with influencers Irene Kim and Aimee Song at Paris Fashion Week. Chen captioned the photo on Instagram, “People in Korea aren’t doing [the peace sign] any longer, they do something called ‘Baby Hearts’”.


Chen explained that Kim and Song taught her about this pose, which isn’t surprising, considering their status as international trend-setters. Irene Kim’s ever-changing rainbow hair is the South Korean supermodel’s calling card, and her perfectly washed-out pinky-purpley bob was the obsession of fashionistas everywhere, including Australia’s own Zoe Foster Blake.

Song is a popular American fashion blogger of Korean and Japanese descent, who also maintains a career as an interior designer.

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‘Baby hearts’ has been a popular gesture in South Korea for several years, and Hollywood celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o and Ansel Elgort are encouraged to strike the pose when visiting. If you were an eagle-eyed Winter Olympics viewer, you may have spotted sports fans doing ‘baby hearts’ in PyeongChang, too.

The king of the K-pop music scene, 29-year-old G-Dragon, a.k.a Korea’s answer to Michael Jackson, regularly flashes ‘baby hearts’, and claims to have invented the gesture when he was a child. Now that’s influential.


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(Caption reads “original finger heart”.)

Carla Gee is a writer and illustrator based in the Australian Capital Territory.

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