We just realised we should be able to do all of these things as an adult and... oh.

There comes a weird moment in all of our lives when we look around for an adult and realise… we are the adult.

When there’s no longer a parent or caregiver yelling at you to clean up after yourself or stop putting your red t-shirt into the wash with the whites, or your mum tells you to stop calling her to ask how much rice to cook for one person because Google is a thing and also, she’s trying to enjoy her cruise thank you very much.

Sorry, Mum.

So we cook the rice all on our own (and consequently have enough for a small army, but we tried) and celebrate that one time we did an adult thing well(ish).

Being an adult vs being a kid. Post continues below video.

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We talk a lot about ‘adulting’ as a bit of a joke, congratulating ourselves for going to the supermarket to get salad ingredients instead of ordering Maccas from Uber Eats, again.

I mean, there are actual ‘adulting schools’ for millennials which is both genius and… highly embarrassing.

Because as it turns out, being an adult isn’t all we hoped it would be as eight-year-olds, wanting to grow up so we could eat ice-cream for dinner and stay up late.

Sure, ice-cream for dinner is cool but it doesn’t take long to realise it’s not a sustainable meal option and also, sleep is really great. You like it. You want way more of it.

Kelly, Flex and Lem talk about what basic life skills we should all have as adults on Overshare. Post continues below audio.

We’ve realised there are certain tasks and responsibilities that all adults need to know how to do, even if those things are inconvenient and boring.

We surveyed the Mamamia community to find out basic life skills we should all have as adults and the responses were… intimidating.


I feel very attacked by this, but apparently, as an adult, you should be able to:

  • Change a light bulb
  • Change a tyre
  • Know how to call your parents when you need to change a light bulb or a tyre (...kidding?)
  • Make appointments, and manage your calendar so that you do not forget about them
  • Find a diary/calendar situation that works for you and use it
  • Do a deep clean of your bathrooms and kitchen
  • Show up on time
  • Make and take professional/important phone calls
  • File your taxes
  • Make regular dentist appointments
  • Floss
  • Cook at least a couple of decent meals (no, a toastie doesn't count)
  • Go to the supermarket with an actual plan on what will get you through to the end of the week, and then not eat it all in two days and have to go back
  • Pick out a good avocado
  • Create and manage a budget, track your spending and check your bank account regularly
  • Manage life on a monthly pay cycle
  • Think for more than 15 seconds about insurance
  • Quit the gym without being pressured into staying, and 'break-up' with your personal trainer without guilt
  • Correctly pack your liquids for a flight
  • Take the correct bins out on the correct days
  • Make a bed
  • Introduce yourself to neighbours when you move in
  • Make small talk, even though it is objectively the worst
  • Ask for a pay rise
  • Deal with packages that have not arrived or been delivered incorrectly
  • Return an unwanted item
  • Pull off a DIY fix, but also know when it's time to call in the professionals
  • Know how to combine your superannuation funds
  • Manage your own screen time
  • Be mindful of people will disabilities, even if it's just as simple as a conversation or not staring
  • Complain calmly and civilly
  • Avoid credit card fees and surcharges
  • Pack your lunch for work
  • Iron clothing
  • End a conversation effectively and politely
  • Acknowledge when you are wrong
  • Apologise sincerely
  • Know when to use the correct their, there and they're and the correct your and you're
  • Know how to diffuse your road rage
  • Disagree with someone without resorting to confrontation and anger

And there we have it. Just a simple, not at all overwhelming list of what it takes to be a decent adult human being.

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Uh... I guess I'll see you at adulting school.

What basic skills do you think adults need? Let us know in a comment.

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