What a human body looks like after a baby.

Pink and husband Carey Hart take their newborn daughter, Willow Sage on an outing to the beach.





Pink had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Willow Sage Hart and here is the new family on their first outing to the beach together.

It’s a beautiful reminder of how the human body looks after giving birth AND IT’S OK.

She grew a whole other person. Inside her tummy. And the more people who can see and understand that this is PERFECTLY NORMAL after giving birth, the better.

Jools Oliver with Jamie Oliver and baby Petal Blossom Rainbow

Images like this one and the one we’ve published previously (below)  of Jools Oliver, Jamie Oliver’s wife when she left hospital with their 3rd daughter are much-needed counter-balances to those hideous magazine covers of ‘post-baby bodies’ that are, in case you were wondering, often digitally enhanced in ways that would make your eyes water, including having tummies ‘cut’ off and carved into.

Like these (Read more here):





I’ve written about this many times here on Mamamia (When Did Pregnancy Become A Competitive Sport?) but it’s a subject I won’t tire of while magazines continue to do such a blatant disservice to women by publishing these ridiculous shots.