The one show you need to start binge-watching immediately.

Are you freaking out over the impending final seasons of Game of Thrones? What will we discuss over our morning coffee now? How will we spend those hours we once dedicated to searching the depths of the internet for fan theories?

Fear not! HBO has brought us the next big show that everyone will be devouring and dissecting. Guaranteed.

Say hello to Westworld.

Well HELLO! Image via HBO/Giphy

It's based on the 1973 cult-favourite film of the same name, and the show is the culmination of 10 years of planning.

Fans have waited patiently for a decade, but does it live up to the hype?

This week on The Binge, Rosie and Laura finally agree on a Sci-Fi show. Post continues below.

The show centres around a fictional wild west theme park called Westworld, filled with synthetic androids called 'hosts' that look like humans. The park caters to high paying visitors who can go in and live out their fantasies. They can do whatever they want to the robots - including terrible things like murder and rape - and the robots don't remember.

But when the robots start to remember the violence, the show becomes about the ethical quandaries that surround artificial intelligence.

Hooked already. Image via Giphy/HBO

Despite its gory themes, Westworld goes deeper than gratuitous violence and sexual assault, delving into the most disturbing parts of human nature and why humans behave the way they do.

It has an all star cast of Ed Harris, Rachel Evans Wood, Luke Hemsworth (the other Hemsworth) and the one and only Sir Anthony Hopkins.

It's in the future, although it doesn't say when, and it's Sci-Fi but not as you know it. It's an existential human experience that is more Alice in Wonderland than Star Trek, in the best possible way.

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