"I could still feel the nourishing effects when I woke up.": 8 women test Weleda's new 24h Hydrating Facial Cream.

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It's not often you'll hear anyone tell you to put cactus on your face.     

We hear 'cactus' and our minds go to 'prickly plants of the desert' (or expensive on-trend home decor) before we consider it for our faces. 

But as a plant that's always needed to be extremely good at retaining moisture and defending itself from the sun, beauty experts are telling us cactus extracts are brilliant in our beauty products.

So we went looking.

Natural skincare products are now popping up (like cleansers, oils, creams and body brushes) packed with cactus extracts from species like Prickly Pear, to deliver us those sweet, sweet nutrient-rich properties.

Prickly pear cactus extract is a hero ingredient in the Weleda 24h Hydrating Facial Cream (RRP $27.95), and we just knew we needed to try it for ourselves.

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Weleda says the prickly pear extract is nature's answer to hyaluronic acid. This is thanks to the high mucilage content (basically, that thick and gluey goodness) in the plant’s broad leaf structure. The juicy, moisture-rich mucilage acts like a plant version of our skin’s natural hyaluronic acid reserves, containing polysaccharides that attract and retain moisture. 

How incredible is this?! Basically, she's a real overachiever.

Featuring a patent pending extract, the formulations in Weleda’s 24h Hydrating Facial Cream has been clinically proven to increase hydration levels and prevent transepidermal water loss (when moisture evaporates from the skin) for up to 24 hrs, helping maintain a healthy skin barrier.


To get to know this new beauty ingredient on the block, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to be some of Australia’s first beauty lovers to try Weleda's new 24h Hydrating Facial Cream. We sent them along the new Weleda Hydrating Facial Mist too, also containing Prickly Pear extract, to help them get the best results.

Here’s what they reported back to us.

Kahli, 31: "I could still feel the nourishing effects when I woke up."

"I could still feel the nourishing effects when I woke up." Image: Supplied. 

"I used the 24h Hydrating Facial Cream as a night cream before bed and had excellent results. I could still feel the nourishing effects when I woke up! I used the Hydrating Facial Mist when I got out of the shower and before applying my serums, and I truly love love love the mist. 

"The cream is thick and spreads easily, plus it feels (and smells) amazing. I felt my skin was very hydrated hours and hours after using this product, and liked that you only need a small amount and it goes a long way. 


"It's fantastic for those of us with dry skin, wanting a natural product to help rehydrate. Big yes from me."

Fiona, 34: "I had results from the very first use."

"I used the Facial Cream at night after my serums, and the Facial Mist throughout the day to feel fresh. I found I had results from the very first use.

"The cream wasn't 'heavy', and I thought it was perfect for nighttime. The scent was definitely fresh, and lovely to use. The cream also DEFINITELY keeps your skin hydrated for longer than other products I've used. The next morning, my skin still feels dewy! The spray was a similar scent and very refreshing throughout the day. 

"There was no pilling, and I liked the Facial Cream best after retinol. I'll definitely keep using it especially now that winter is here and my skin gets even drier. Would definitely recommend to others."

Taylor, 28: "Amazing and hydrating!"

"Amazing and hydrating!" Image: Supplied. 

"These products were both amazing and hydrating! I used the combination in my morning routine: cleansing first, then using the Hydrating Facial Mist (in place of a toner), the 24h Hydrating Facial Cream and finishing with sunscreen.

"I have normal to try skin, and I loved the results I got from using these products together. I feel like the mist helped the moisturiser absorb, and I felt like it hydrated my skin really well. I would definitely recommend these Weleda products."


Amy, 34: "They gave me the extra hydration I needed."

"The Facial Cream is super hydrating. It felt great when I added it to my morning routine with SPF and makeup, and in the evenings using it as a night cream. The Facial Mist is also nice to spray after cleansing, and I loved using it during the day to keep my face feeling dewy.

"My skin feels so great, and the products have a calming scent. They were great to use under makeup as there was no shine and the Facial Cream was not too thick. I found they were very nourishing at night, and as it's been quite cold and windy, they gave me the extra hydration I needed."

Anique, 28: "My skin is now feeling so hydrated and smooth."

"My skin is now feeling so hydrated and smooth." Image: Supplied. 

"I really enjoyed the use of the 24h Hydrating Facial Cream coupled with the mist: my skin is now feeling so hydrated and smooth! (Before use, my skin was actually really dry from the changing weather).

"I used the Facial Cream daily before applying makeup, which I found it sat really nicely underneath. The application was easy and lightweight, and the product didn’t feel greasy or oily during or after application, which is what I want from a moisturiser given my skin is naturally quiet oily.

"I really enjoyed applying the mist to my face after my makeup application (didn’t apply before eyeliner and mascara) as I felt it helped my makeup set. 

"I love the scent of both products too, they are so fresh. 


"I would definitely keep using these products, and say that they're ideal for anyone who wants the benefits of quality skincare on a reasonable budget."

Kelly, 27: "I found results were immediate!"

"I found results were immediate." Image: Supplied. 

"The face cream and mist have a wonderfully hydrating effect that lasts the entire day, accompanied with a pleasant and calming scent.

"I use the cream after my morning vitamin C serum and at night after my retinol, and the mist I use a few times throughout the day to keep me hydrated.

"The mist is very light, with full face coverage so you only need a few sprays to get the full effect. The Facial Cream has a lovely texture, not too thick or thin, just right in the middle. Perfect for those of us who don't wear makeup working from home and like a very hydrating day cream. I found results were immediate, my skin soaked it right up like a big glass of water. 

"I liked using the mist before applying the facial cream in the morning for the best hydrating effect. I will keep using these products for sure."

Samantha, 29: "It helped restore the moisture to my skin barrier and get it back to a healthy state."

"I loved the Facial Cream! I recently ‘did a Mia’ and overdid it with a retinol serum, so the timing of using these products was perfect for me. It helped restore the moisture to my skin barrier and get it back to a healthy state. 

"I used the Facial Cream every night for a week, after serum and before my oil, and woke up with silky soft skin – it was heaven! The smell of the cream is divine. It goes onto the skin nicely and isn’t to thick or runny, it’s the perfect consistency. It absorbs in really well and didn’t cause any pillage. 


"I put the Facial Mist straight in my handbag to use in the office to combat the effects of the air conditioner in there! It felt refreshing, hydrating and it smelled lovely.

"People with dehydrated or dry skin who need a moisture boost need to be using this, particularly coming into the colder months (and also as a woopsie aid for anyone who has gone overboard with the high strength serums like me)."

Liis, 27: "Would definitely recommend to other beauty lovers."

"Would definitely recommend to other beauty lovers." Image: Supplied. 

"The Hydrating Facial Mist was super nice and refreshing, my skin really liked it.

"I used the cream as a daily moisturiser, which I think is a great thickness for very dry skin like mine. I used the Facial Mist also on the days when didn't wear any makeup, and also after applying makeup.

"I loved the scent of both products, it was so good, and would definitely recommend to other beauty lovers."

Want to try it for yourself? Hydrate your skin with certified natural ingredients using Weleda's new 24h Hydrating Facial Cream, as well as their Hydrating Facial Mist.

Feature: Mamamia You Beauty Panel.

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