Brisbane Broncos player's wife labeled a 'bad mother' for going to NRL grand final.

As if having a new baby isn’t tough enough.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

If Kayla Boyd, the wife of Brisbane Bronco’s star player Darius had skipped his big game on Sunday night to stay home she would have been branded an unsupportive wife. Instead she choose to be there for her husband by flying to Sydney for the game – thereby leaving her 11-day old daughter with her mother for the night.

But when you have a new baby, according to the social media rules of mothering, she should be your first priority – and so Kayla Boyd was a castigated as a bad mother – instead of a bad wife.

Kayla Boyd and her husband, Brisbane Bronco’s star player Darius. ( Instagram)

You just can’t please the trolls.

The lifestyle blogger has been forced to defend herself against the nasty comments saying that she was shocked at the vicious nature of the posts questioning her devotion to her daughter.

She has written a response to the haters saying: “For the people who have commented negatively on my life as a new mother, you have no right and if it bothers you that much, simply unfollow my social media page.”

Kayla gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Willow 11 days ago.

Kayla Boyd gave birth 11 days ago. (Instagram)

It had been thought that her baby might come during Grand Finals – but the little girl made her entrance to the world two days before the semi-final against the Roosters.

Kayla told The Courier Mail that when she left her daughter for a night to attend the Grand Final she copped a barrage of social media criticism – surprisingly, mainly from other women.

The comments targeted a photo she posted of herself and fellow WAG Bridget Hagan, partner of Broncos halfback Ben Hunt, on their way to the big game.

Instead of being praised she was slammed and called a  “horrible mother” who was “happy to throw” her daughter “to the side, leave her and go out.”

Kayla and Bridget Hagan (Instagram)

One particularly passive aggressive poster writing ” Girl you are never home! I don’t know how you do it as a new mom! I was obsessed with my chica lol I wasn’t happy with others holding her & defs no minding her! ”

Kayla had left her 11-day old with her mother as she made the day long trip to Sydney from Brisbane – and decision she says was hard enough.

She told The Courier Mail “Women need to be more open minded about things,’’ she said. “Whatever path you take is what you want to do. Everybody needs to be commended on their own individual choices.”

She said that the actions were bullying.

“I see how instant bullying does actually affect a person. It affects me,” she told The Courier Mail.

“I like to think I have thick skin but when you’re commenting about parenting, it’s a very personal topic.”


Kayla says she was touched that with many of the comments – some since deleted – supporters  immediately kept to her defence. One woman writing, “Welcome to the world of judgemental mothers.”

The birth of daughter, Willow came after a tumultuous time for the couple with Darius Boyd last year entering a rehab clinic to treat depression and anxiety.

When they first announced the pregnancy Boyd told News Limited he had broken down in tears

“I’ve come a long way and I have to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“I just want to give my daughter a stable environment – it’s something I didn’t really have growing up.”

The couple have chosen not to share any images of their daughter yet – limiting their social media – and Kayla announcing on Monday she would be withdrawing from her blog for a while following the stinging social media trolls.

Brisbane Bronco’s WAGS on their way to Sydney. (Instagram)

“Thank you so much to everyone who has passed on positive, lovely well wishes on the arrival of our baby girl,” she wrote.

“We will be sharing details in our own time; in the interim I am taking a couple of weeks off from my Blog. By all means this is not at all ignoring the fact that I have had a baby and I would like to reassure you that I have not had a change of heart about my blog and sharing my pregnancy and motherhood details.

I will be back with some exciting projects and topics to blog about and cannot wait to share these with you.”

Kayla follows in the path of other high profile mothers, like Kate Middleton and Chrissie Swan who were slammed after leaving their young children to go away without them.

The Duchess was branded negligent and non-maternal for leaving George when he was 8 months.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left an eight-month old Prince George for a holiday in the Maldives she was attacked by an online lynch mob .

TV and radio personality Chrissie Swan was personally attacked by Entertainment commentator, Peter Ford when she appeared on I’m A Celebrity. Ford writing “Not sure what it says about society that we reward a mother who leaves a 1 year old baby to chase fame.”

Kayla: It seems mothers get judged “regardless.” ( Instagram)

Kayla Boyd says that it seems mothers get judged “regardless.”

“No matter what it is about how you raise a child, you get judged” she told The Courier Mail.

In a classic case of damned if you do damned if you don’t Kayla feels that the fact they have chosen not to share pics of their daughter yet may have been incentive for the trolls.

“There’s nothing out there (online) about her, so they think I’m not a proud mum. I’m apparently ‘out partying’ but I haven’t.”

Stand tall Kayla there are an army of women here who have got your back.

Congrats on your new baby.