'I tried the $100 electric breast pump everyone's talking about. Here's my honest verdict.'

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Six weeks ago, I stepped into the whirlwind of motherhood and it’s turned my world upside down in the best way. 

Before I fell pregnant, my days were a blur of meetings, travelling interstate for work, early morning gym sessions, and catching up with friends over coffee or a wine. Now, my world revolves around my little boy, Rex, who takes up most (if not all) of my attention, especially with exclusive breastfeeding keeping me busier than ever. 

Days with Rex are the best, but they do feel like they're on fast forward, leaving me with mountains of washing and week-old hair. I am also desperately craving 5 minutes of time to myself. I love the slow and special bonding moments I get with my baby during breastfeeding — but I wanted it to be time for me to share the feeding load with my partner and start pumping to give myself a breather. 

The current buzz for the Welcare Nurture Electric Breast Pump ($99.95) in a few of my mums group chats had me wondering if the hype is actually worth it, given the more affordable price to others on the market — so I trialled it for a week to see. Here's my honest opinion.

Setting it up

Anything that comes in a box this neat and compact makes me very happy. 

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I’ve found that along with a new baby, the volume of 'things' that I now have seems to have multiplied. I can already tell that this is going to be a beautiful fit in our nappy bag and is the perfect size for travelling. 

The compact breast pump comes with 3 different sized funnels, a USB charging cable, an extendable bra strap and a convenient storage bag. The three-sized funnels are a particular favourite of mine especially since I have one (significantly larger) 'power boob', allowing me to use the right size funnel for each nipple. The compact pump fits securely and discreetly into my bra and holds up to 150mL of milk. 

Handy that you can track, at a glance, how much milk you have collected with the mL measurements up the side of the collection cup, which is oddly satisfying for my competitive spirit. It's also so quiet! The first time I used it, I forgot it was there until it automatically shut-off after 30 mins.

Feel and fit

I popped the Welcare Nurture Pump into my bra, and was quickly impressed with the pump's three modes – massage, suction, and expression. Within moments, I could see the collection cup filling up, greeting me with a sense of accomplishment as I could start my day while the pump did its job quietly and comfortably. I was a new woman with this level of freedom.


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With nine adjustable suction levels, I can increase the intensity for a quicker pump session or dial it back for a gentler experience. Comfort is key, and this pump delivers; it's quiet operation ensures minimal disruption during use, allowing me to pump discreetly while out running errands or throwing together a quick lunch when I manage to get Rex down for a nap (fingers crossed for 30 mins). Anything to avoid waking a sleeping baby, IYKYK.


New morning routine

Navigating my mornings is a challenge — I’m still figuring out how to get out the door, let alone how to fit pumping into my already demanding Rex schedule. I spent the first few weeks of motherhood trying to juggle feeding, nappy changes, outfit changes, maybe a shower and trying to get a scrap of mascara on. 

I found that with the Welcare Nurture Breast Pump, my morning routine doesn't have to change as much. After Rex’s first feed, the Welcare goes on and I can get on with my morning, pumping away, taking multi-tasking to a new level (slay mumma). 

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Getting things done

I’m still adapting to this new lifestyle, mainly spending my time at home caring for this little person (who can resist a contact nap?) But the days are flying by, meaning that there is less time to get anything done. And that is SO fine with me... but the growing pile of laundry and the clean dishwasher (that’s been begging to be unpacked for days) are calling me and my type A personality. 

I've found life with this breast pump means I can pump away hands-free whilst offloading a feed to my partner, and getting some much-needed chores done or dare I say, managing to blow dry my hair.

The verdict

Hands-free, discreet and effective – this breast pump has honestly changed the newborn game for me. It’s helped give me a little more freedom to manage my time better. Whether it's catching up with friends, getting out for a walk with my fur baby Leicester, or simply enjoying a much-needed moment to myself. 

This pump has not only freed up my time but has made expressing milk effortless and discreet, allowing me to navigate this new chapter of motherhood with a bit more ease and flexibility in my day. 

And now that I am making regular deposits at the milk bank, Rex and my partner have been able to enjoy some 'boy time' with mum getting to do her own thing.

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The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is a lightweight, hands-free, and portable device for breastfeeding mums who need to express milk on the go or while travelling. It is hygienic and fits discreetly in any well-fitting nursing bra for hands-free, wireless pumping. Convenient and effective, this pump allows you to quietly and discreetly express milk. Compact, portable & lightweight, it fits easily into most handbags or baby bags. The anti-backflow protection system prevents milk from flowing back into the pump motor maintaining the hygiene of the breast milk. Welcare also has a baby bundle pack available, with two breast pumps and a Sleep Sound Machine, to double your spare time and double your output.
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