The weirdest storylines to ever appear on Aussie TV.

What’s the weirdest TV storyline to ever grace our tellies?

We’ve taken a look back at some of Australia’s most iconic shows, and, well… we’d like to know what the scriptwriters had eaten for breakfast the day they came up with these doozies.

Round the Twist: When Pete got pregnant to a tree.

Okay, so Round the Twist wasn’t exactly realistic, but you can’t tell me that a teenager getting preggo to a ‘tree spirit’ isn’t freaking crazy.

My favourite part? He was impregnated after urinating on his tree lover’s base. Perhaps a PSA in disguise to deter male youths from public urination?

Do I also remember correctly that he gave birth to an adorable green baby by burping?


Watch another insane plot-line from Round the Twist below (post continues after video).

Neighbours: The time they tried to be ethnically diverse. And failed epically.

Remember the time Neighbours tried to include people of colour – but ended up implying that Asian people eat family dogs instead?

I swear, the poor Lims could not catch a freakin’ break.

The accents. The outfits. The acting. It’s all so spectacularly bad… but so damn good.

Watch this snippet from the Neighbours episode below (post continues after video).

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Offspring: Darcy Proudman… you are NOT the father.

If you thought an obstetrician would connect the dots between blood types and biology before she reaches her late twenties, you thought wrong.

Now I love Offspring, but Nina/Neens Proudman discovering Darcy was not her biological father was about as cliched as having Patrick reappear as a ghost throughout season five.

To re-feel the many feels that came with Ghost Patrick, watch below (post continues after video).


Home and Away: Drive off a cliff, escape without a bruise.

According to the scriptwriters of Home and Away, driving on drugs and accidentally catapulting your car off a cliff will not result in serious injuries. Sure, you plunged head-first into a sharp rock, but no biggie!

Yep, Duncan, Jade and Seb – AKA the guy  WHO WAS CLUTCHING ONTO THE BONNET BY THE WINDSCREEN WIPERS –  all managed to escape the ordeal with a couple of bruises.

Relive the madness below (post continues after video).

Please Like Me: Try to treat your girlfriend for chlamydia without telling her she, in fact, has chlamydia.

Josh Thomas knows how to write a storyline that is so crazy-weird, it’s disturbingly realistic.

In one episode of Please Like Me, Josh’s friend Tom discovers he has inadvertently transmitted his girlfriend an STI. The real clincher? The boys decide the best way to handle it is to sneak the girlfriend medication for the infection she doesn’t even know she has and to pretend they all have worms.


Watch a snippet of the episode below (post continues after video).

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