The things parents do that wouldn't be socially acceptable if you didn't have kids.

Oh children, forever blurring the lines of what is considered socially acceptable adult behaviour.

There are certain things that parents do that they would never dream of doing as child free folk. And, quite frankly, if you were to do it back when you didn’t have kids, you probably would have gotten some very strange looks on the street. Someone may have even called the police.

A number of Reddit users have taken to the website to share the things that parents do that seem downright strange to people without kids.

1. Going to watch a kid’s movie.

Reddit user badgramajama who doesn’t have children wrote, “I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 by myself. I got there at the last minute, sat in the back and left as quickly as possible. Totally worth it.”

2. Sitting and watching kids at the park. 

When you have kids, the park is heaven. It is Disneyland. If your kids are old enough, you can sit on the bench and watch as they tire themselves out.

But if you don’t have kids, sitting and watching children play in the park will probably result in some suspicious glances from well-meaning parents.

If you don't have a child with you, watching kids play in the park will probably earn you some suspicious looks. Image via iStock.

3. Walking around with vomit on your sleeve and a pocket full of cereal.

Probably something we as parents do all the time, without kids, not so much...

4. Eating somebody else's food if they leave the table, unasked.

Reddit user Barkingpanther said, "If it's my co-worker I'm a freak. If it's my kid, these chicken nuggets were just gonna go in the bin eventually."


5. Shopping for children's underwear.

If you see a mum dragging an unamused childhood through a shopping centre chucking kid's undies into the basket? Totally normal.

A grown adult on their own? Somewhat creepy.

6. Sharing a public restroom.

Reddit user Flying_Lead_Change explained, "I drag my kids in with me all the time but if two adults did that... Totally awkward."

7. Eating a meal while another human throws food on you. 

As Reddit user Garmachi writes, when you're a parent you can be "doing absolutely nothing while someone at your table screams and throws food and plates all over the place."

When you're eating a meal with kids, they're usually just one trantrum away from throwing the food at your face. Image via iStock.

If someone threw food at you while you were enjoying a meal as a child free person, you'd probably cut all contact immediately. But when it's your own flesh and blood, you just have to take that discarded spaghetti to the face.

8. Saying the word "potty".

As Reddit user nick_locarno says, using the word "potty" is definitely something parents do. No respectable adult uses the word potty unless they're talking to someone under the age of five.

9. Rubbing spit into someones face. 

If someone ever came up to you in the street and rubbed their spit into your face to wipe away a stray piece of food, you would probably be tempted to run for the hills.

But rubbing spit into your child's face to tidy them up? Totally normal.


10. Talking about poo.

As The Glow's Beauty Editor Carla said, talking about poo all the time is totally normal for parents. And while discussing your child's bowel movements with your significant other is okay, you have to remember that other people just don't need to hear about it.

Getting a tiny human to do their business in the toilet is a victory for parents, but people without kids just don't need to hear about it. Image via iStock.

Nurses and people who work in aged care are the only other people that are as comfortable discussing bodily fluids as parents are.

We know that toilet training your child is a pretty big victory, but as SwonRonson91 writes on Reddit, posting detailed bathroom related posts on social media is a big no-no.

"No one cares that your kid popped on the toilet," he writes. "And poor kid, once you post something online, it's there FOREVER."

11. Owning a minivan.

Let's be honest, there's only two types of people that own a minivan: parents and criminals. You can usually spot the parents pretty easily - they're the ones with the stick figure families on the back of their vans.

12. Sticking your fingers up someone else's nose.

As Debrief Daily's Bern Morley says, it's no biggie for parents to stick their fingers up their kid's nose and pick it. 

"Ditto checking their bums for worms." she says. 

The other things Bern's managed to do since becoming a mum? Decontaminate her house from bed bugs and flick a nit off of a friend's head.

What are the things you do as a parent that you would never have dreamed of doing before children?