The 13 parenting wins nobody talks about (but you're secretly proud of).

Becoming a parent has not changed my life in any way – said no parent ever.

Yes, as every mum and dad knows, parenthood is a constant, evolving process of the crap hitting the fan, then you getting on top of things, and then the crap hitting the fan again. It’s a fun cycle that lasts for about twenty-one years – or, if you ask my long-suffering mother, 42.5 years.

But in between all of that, there are some amazing wins parents don’t talk about – the ones perhaps aren’t Insta-worthy, but are more meaningful than you could ever have imagined – to you, and you alone.

It’s not a photo of the pasta casserole with transparent veggies that you’ll put on Pinterest. Or the happy family holiday snap where everyone finally looks in the direction of the camera at the same time, that you’ve put a filter over for Facebook.

It’s the glorious in-between moments where you’ll whisper to yourself; nice one.

Mamamia’s new parenting podcast The Baby Bubble discusses ‘Baby Led Weaning’. Post continues after.

Here’s a list of the top 13 parenting wins nobody talks about, but are secretly really proud of:

1. The first time you have a coffee without having to heat it up first.

2. Putting a decent bra on again, after months/years of a maternity one.

3. Wearing pants without elastic in the band outside of the house.

4. Not waking up to the sound of a child crying (or a husband snoring, but that’s a non-parenting win).

5. Not having to ‘eat in shifts’ with your partner because one of you is on baby duty, even though you’re at a really nice restaurant.

6. The moment when you finally decide to feed yourself, first.


7. Drinking alcohol at a pub lunch with the kids without worrying about judgement from other people. (Whether you can do it without your kids wanting some is another thing.)

8. The liberating moment you realise the kids can use the iPad without you having to help navigate.

9. Your phone library not being completely full of your small child’s selfies (which they took when they were supposed to be on the ABC Kids app).

10. Using the bathroom without little eyes spying on you, and little mouths questioning you.

11. Your kid can watch The Bachelor with you (because finally he/she’s of an appropriate age to watch adults make terrible choices).

12. When your child is finally old enough to drive you somewhere.

And last, but definitely not least, because it’s so vitally important:

13. When your kid can successfully place an Uber Eats order and organise dinner for the entire family.

Win, win, win.

These are the times when you really know you’re an amazing parent. Well done, you.

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