Apparently, there's one big washing machine rule. You've almost definitely broken it.

Anyone who is renting or lives in a shoe box knows the pain of trying to find a home for the bloody washing machine.

Demanding as ever, washing machines are seriously high maintenance household appliances. They’re big and bulky. They need constant access to water. They even need their own power point. Ugh.

This is why so many of us resort to chucking them in the kitchen to maintain some semblance of order.

But according to an interior design expert, parking your washing machine where you eat is a big no no.

Personally, I think this looks nifty AF. (Image: Pinterest)

British Location, Location, Location host, Kirstie Allsopp, aired her washing machine grievances on Twitter, labelling the placement of said appliances in the kitchen as "disgusting".

"My life's work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen," the tweet read.


I don't know about you, but this makes me feel... exasperated.

My life's work has nothing to do with interior design, but I do watch A LOT of renovation shows and I swear having the washing machine tucked away all cute under a kitchen bench is trendy now, yeah?

But also - WHERE ELSE IS IT MEANT TO GO? In the shower? On the front porch? Am I meant to sit on it in front of the TV?

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To make you feel even worse about where you finally managed to house all your furniture on your non-existent floor plan, there are a bunch of other ridiculous design rules I'm 100 per cent breaking.

You know those wall canvases on sale at Kmart? They must be a hung a very specific 15 - 22 cm over the couch/coffee table.

The dining table you very proudly managed to cram enough seats around? Turns out each seat must have a minimum of 60 cm of table space, or more if you take elbows into account.

Guys, these are 'vessels'. (Image: Pinterest/PrettyThingsBlog)

When fitting the curtain rods you nabbed at IKEA, we're supposed to factor in the rod itself it meant to hang 15 cm either side and 30 cm above the window frame.

And as for 'vessels' (whatever they are), apparently we need to have them sitting on shelves and bookcases, serving no purpose whatsoever.

In my humble opinion, I think it's A-OK to shove all of these design rules where the sun don't shine. Especially when it comes to storing the washing machine in the kitchen.

Because we're all just doing our best, trying to turn our small, inconvenient spaces into homes.

Do you think weird design rules are important?

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