Five people have bravely revealed their bizarre fetishes and it's definitely NSFW.

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Okay okay okay, before we get into this post, let’s lay down the rules: This is a completely safe space – a Judgement Free Zone, if you will.

While what you read here might surprise you, we all clicked for the same goddamn reason: We’re bloody curious as to what gets people going.

Never before have we published a post that echoes the mantra “different strokes for different folks” so brilliantly. So let’s be respectful to the good people of Reddit, okay?

Just… um… proceed at your own risk.

1. Stomach noises

“I’ve always had a fascination with digestion and people’s stomachs. Like the thought of laying on someone’s belly and listening is unbelievably hot to me,” says BKiddo22, adding that heartbeats turn him on too – but to a lesser extent.

Why, you ask?

“My closest guess is intimacy. Being that close to someone and hearing such a vulnerable, human process gives a feeling of closeness.”

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2. Overweight bodies

“Photo mags of obese chicks eating fattening food in skimpy lingerie while reclining on a couch,” is PurpleSailor’s choice of poison.

He’s joined by WickerGarden, who says he feels guilty about his secret fetish, particularly because he has a slim girlfriend.

“I love and am still very attracted to my thin girlfriend,” he said. “I would never, ever want her to change for the world and the community of this fetish pushes the idea that encouraging a partner to gain weight is a pretty shitty thing to do.”

3. Observation

NudeyTimesAreFun has an unconventional marriage, where she assumes the role of the “hot wife” and her husband “the stag”.

“He wanted to watch me like he watches porn stars,” she explains, adding that her husband suffering from erectile dysfunction caused marital problems early on.

“I have a super high sex drive, but watching is definitely satisfying for him,” she continues, adding: “We still have sex as regularly as his body will allow. And I love random hookups. With the use of condoms and regular check-ups, we don’t see a reason to stop anytime soon. Plus, we get to share the things that I’ve tried with new partners and instead of him being overly suspicious of it, he gets super turned on if I’ve learned a new trick or two.”

"He gets super turned on if I've learned a new trick or two." (Image: iStock)

4. Hyper everything

For some people, like AggieChicken, size really does matter (really, really).

"Giant ass feet, giant dicks, boobs, you name it," the freelance porn artist wrote. "The size is very important."

5. Abandonment

"I dated a girl who's fetish was to be abandoned," Bollocks_ wrote, adding his ex's preference was to be "thrown in the dumpster" and left.

"I would tie her up so she couldn't get out of a fetal position, put her in a dumpster, come back two hours later and we would f*ck like donkeys."

While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, this Redditor says he has no regrets.

"No sex has ever been as good... Moral of the story: abandoned dumpster sex is amazing."

Well, then. What are your fetishes? Let us know in the comments below...

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