10 nannies share the most bizarre things they've experienced on the job.

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For most, babysitting and nannying is pretty stock standard. You go to someone’s house, look after their kids, get paid, leave. There might be the odd tantrum but for the most part it’s pretty simple, right?

Well, not always. 12 people share the most bizarre things that have happened while they were looking after someone else’s kids. Suffice to say all of them never went back again.

1. “I was held hostage in their house.”

“The mum and dad came home drunk and fighting. The dad went out to walk the dog and the mum locked the door with me inside. She kept saying ‘shh-shh’, while the dad screamed from the outside. She started saying things like, ‘He wants to kill himself instead of be with me – who says that?’ I reached for the lock to get out and she pulled my hand back saying, ‘No, leave him for a while’. I waited as long as I could then busted out of there.” – skintightmonopoly


2. “The nudist family’s children kept putting their clothes on when their parents left the house.”

“In high school, I met a nudist family at the local nude beach. They asked me to babysit, figuring I’d be comfortable with their lifestyle. No problem, easy money. Two boys (seven and nine), well behaved. The weird thing was that as soon as the parents left for their night out, the kids would start putting on clothes. By the time, they got home we were usually bundled up watching scary movies on TV. The parents always seemed a little uncomfortable with that, like I’d been perverting their kids into putting on clothes.” – Altarocks

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3. “The parents had an orgy in the hot tub while I was sitting there.”

“Babysat for a family during my early teenage years. Parents were drunks. My very last night of babysitting for them they had an orgy in the hot tub while I was sitting there waiting for a ride home.” alyssanerellih

4. “The parents left me with their drunk friend in the house.”

“New Year’s Eve. The parents come home midway through the evening to drop off one of their super drunk friends. He went to sleep in the three year old’s bed and the kid kept going up to check on him like a little nurse. One of the kids reached for a glass of what I thought was water on the coffee table but I quick gave it a sniff and it was vodka that the parents left out when they went to the bars.

Parents were so drunk they each tipped me a ton of money and told me not to tell the others. I made $90 that night which was amazing money in 1993.” – jeth

Babysitting. Not always fun and games. (Image via iStock.)

5. "Their mum punched through a sliding glass door,"

"I nannied for four brats in high school but I grew attached to them as their parents were going through a nasty divorce. About three months into nannying, the parents decided to try and make it work, so I started watching them at their mother's house as well. I took the kids out to see Monsters vs. Aliens at the theatre.

The daughter was in seventh grade, and when we came out of the theater she said, 'Don't freak out when we get home, but mum texted me and said she forgot her keys, so she broke a window to get into the house.' I thought that was kind of strange, but I shrugged it off. When we got there, the woman had punched in a double pained sliding glass door. I can't even remember what she needed from the house, I just remember telling the children that they couldn't go in the dining room and then trying to clean up all the glass." - byrdma

6. "I was fired because the wife thought I was having an affair with her husband."

'When was 10 to probably 13 or 14 I babysat for a weird family in my town. They had three daughters who were super awesome and we always had a blast. But the parents were into weird stuff... One of the things they liked to do was for any major decisions they needed to make they would get out a sinker attached to a string and ask it questions. If it swung a certain way it meant yes and if it went the other way it meant no.

Well anyway I've been watching these girls for a couple years and one night the mother asks where the father and I go when he takes me home. I tell her that he takes me home right away. She says that it takes him two or three hours before he gets back. Obviously I'm stunned at what she's insinuating. About a week after this, she tells me that I can no longer watch the kids because her sinker told her that the husband and I were having an affair. We weren't." - Chrississippi69

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7. "They has security cameras all over their house to watch how I was babysitting."

"First time babysitting my neighbours and the mum is pretty normal. Met the dad and he was about 20 years older than her. That wasn't the problem. The problem was the dad was overprotective of his wife and the daughter who I was babysitting. The mum gets me alone for a moment and tells me that her husband likes to keep an eye on his daughter... then she motioned towards the security cameras in every room of their house - except bathrooms of course. So they leave and the cameras turn on... I did continue to babysit the girl. It was always so creepy with the cameras on while I was changing her diaper and putting her to sleep." - allpaca2244

8. "I found both mums snorting coke in the bathroom,"

"I haven't babysat in awhile but when I was a teenager I watched two kids up the street. The mother was single and had another single friend with two kids so I usually watched them all. I knew they went out to party- which was fine because they'd come home drunk and pay me more than I expected. What I didn't know is how much they partied.

One evening I went upstairs to get money for pizza. I found both mums in the bathroom snorting coke. The worst thing was when they offered me some despite the fact that a) I was about to spend the night watching their young children and b) I was only 14 or 15 at the time," - bluelily216

 9. "I accidentally locked myself out."

"When I was a teenager I was babysitting a two year old little girl. I had been asked to take the dog out to pee a few times that night, he had to be leash walked. So while the little girl was happily watching TV on her parents' bed, I took the dog out to the front yard. The people neglected to tell me that their front door locked on its own when it closed. I've never, ever seen a door on a house do that. So when I turn to go back in, I'm locked out with a two year old alone in the house. The next door neighbour notices what's going on and asks what's up.

He was kind of a shady guy. He said, 'oh I can break in for you, let me get my tools'. So he proceeds to go up on the roof and completely remove their skylight (one of those plexi "bubble" type ones) and drop himself down into the house. Luckily the little girl had fallen asleep on her parents' bed by that point. When the parents came home they felt awful for not telling me about the door and I had to tell them they should get their skylight checked for leaks," - joojie

10. "I mistakenly got two young boys drunk."

Was watching two boys, maybe 12 and 11. Their parents liked to party quite a lot (one of the reasons they would pay me to watch their kids). One night they go out, order pizza for dinner and the delivery driver forgets the the soft drink. So the younger child says there is orange juice in the fridge, I grab the pitcher not thinking anything of it.

Pour them each a glass, they drink and eat without saying word. Through the course of the night they keep pouring themselves full cups of OJ. They start acting strange, stumbling, talking odd, etc. Call the parents and ask if I should do anything, then tell the parents everything they ate/drank. Their dad ends up telling me the OJ was just a giant screwdriver that his wife and him were going to split when they got home. Luckily I didn't take too much heat for it because he said he should have warned me." - ididitforthewookie

Do you have any babysitting horror stories?