Stop stressing, Kim, we've all been there.

The woman who has everything is having a bad day. And we’ve all been there.

I don’t often feel sorry for Kim Kardashian.

After all, she hardly needs my pity. She is a millionaire megastar who can sprinkle gold leaf on her low-carb granola if she wants to.

She’s a woman who’s built her empire on of her body and her beauty. She is adored and imitated by an army of 12.7million on Instagram. And she’s married to one of the most famous musicians in the world.

But today, I am feeling Kimmy K’s pain, and here’s why:

Oh, Kim. We've all been there, right?

Well, maybe not quite where Kim is, looking completely incredible in this outfit yesterday, the same day she was Tweeting about her body despair:

But we've all been here: Wondering how long we can call baby weight "baby weight".

We've all been here: Having some days when no matter how much the world tells you you're doing great and you look amazing, you never, deep down inside, believe them.

We've all been here: All you can think is that you're disgusting. All you can see is the loose skin that wasn't there before. All you can feel is the tightness in your waistband.

Every mum, of any shape or size - gym junkies, couch potatoes and the majority of us who are somewhere in between, had to deal with the loss of control over their body during pregnancy.

Some of us love it. Find comfort in our powerlessness. Some of us rail against it.

But all of us look at what's left after our baby has been born and wonder where it's going to end up.

For a woman like Kim, whose self-worth is so closely tied to those numbers on a scale, it leads to obsessing like this:


And longing for the body you once had, like this, that she posted with the message:

"Ughhh I am 20 lbs lighter here! This was just 5 years ago! Ok I'm going back on my grind.
I gotta get back here! "

So today I do feel sorry for Kim Kardashian, because for me, after two children, my body looks completely different (and, um, nothing like Kim's).

Can I still call it baby weight when my kids are two and four?  Looking at my stomach in the mirror requires a deep breath and a stiff drink. Because it doesn't even look like it's made of the same stuff any more.

But you know what? For me it doesn't matter. No-one cares. I just put on my Spanx and get on with my day.

No-one cares. Certainly not my partner, who just shares the joy of our crazy children and encourages me to feel good about myself, wobbly bits included.

No-one cares. Not my boss, who employed me for my brain, not my pert bum.

And not my kids, who don't even know about 'fat' and 'thin' and cellulite and stretch marks. They just know what their mum looks like.

It doesn't sound like Kim has that luxury.

So go hard on your weight-loss mission, Kim and all the other Kims out there, if it makes you happy. But just remember, it doesn't matter that you don't look the same.

Because you've got something now that that skinny girl in the picture didn't have.

A daughter who loves you.

How do you feel about your body these days?

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