HOROSCOPES: Marriage proposals and new friendships. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning December 8th. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

The cosmos support you this week, Aries. Taking a calculated risk rolls in rewards. Rams that have invested time and energy into a project or an educational program are happy with their results. Still, there is another step to complete. Trust that you’re being guided in the right direction to achieve your long-term wishes. There’s no need to overthink the matter.

weekly horoscope

For frugal Bulls, a savvy investment pays off, or an ambitious financial plan brings lucrative rewards. However, others feel that no matter how hard they try, money is slipping through their fingers like water. Provided you monitor your incomings and outgoings, don't worry too much about a bank balance that's in the red. You'll get the opportunity to make up the difference when it counts.

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Thursday’s Full Moon graces your sign, Gemini. And just like that, your wish is granted. What you’re hoping for is either a done deal by week’s end or is well and truly in its finalisation process. This chapter is ready to be closed. But remember, a chapter is only one part of an entire book. So now, make preparations for your next step.

cancer horoscope

Tongues are wagging when Venus flirts with Pluto this week. Whether you realise it or not, there’s scandalous gossip afoot, and you’re at the centre of it. Do you care? Let's face it Cancer; you're a fascinating creature! If the talk bothers you, avoid small-minded people. Otherwise, carry on with your head up high.

leo horoscope

The Full Moon expands your social circle. Enjoy meeting like-minded souls and make time for fun. Your popularity is on the rise for all the right reasons. New connections are drawn to your warmth and generosity. It’s not that you are any different; but rather that everything you have to offer a friendship is in the spotlight.

VIRGO horoscope

A family issue or house project gets your undivided attention, thanks to clever Mercury. Dealing with a difficult relative or a challenging child has tested your patience. But this week, you’re on top of the situation. Beautifying your living space? Expect a plethora of creative ideas to flow, turning your home into a gorgeous sanctuary that you won’t want to leave.

LIBRA horoscope

Prioritise your health, Libra. The Sun's clash with Neptune tests your stamina. Avoid people that drain your energy, and don't feel guilty for saying 'no' if you don't feel like playing the social butterfly. Put your feet up and enjoy a night in front of the TV. Or snuggle under the covers with a great read. Tune in to your body - it knows what it needs.

SCORPIO horoscope

No one loves as deeply as you do, which is why Pluto's rendezvous with Venus inspires a romantic encounter to rival 'The Notebook'. Singles cross paths with a soulmate. You'll know when you recognise that sense of familiarity in your gut. Couples turn up the heat, which can work wonders in the bedroom but don't confuse passion with obsession.


Follow through with an idea, inspiration or a scheme that at first seems too good to be true. Another look makes you realise you’ve stumbled onto a potential gold mine. Still, if your plans remain in your head, and you do nothing to manifest them, you will wind up having nothing to show for your genius. It's up to you to turn your thoughts into reality.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Here’s your chance to seal a deal. Venus' alignment with serious Saturn, sets the stage for commitment. Goats waiting for a marriage proposal may finally see their partner drop to one knee. Others consider moving in together or officially announcing their coupledom on social media. Long term relationships stuck in limbo may decide to call it quits, once and for all.

AQUARIUS horoscope

Mars' kiss with Neptune aligns you with a creative male who can see things from a unique perspective. Listen to his advice, which could help you, either professionally or financially. Of course, do your due diligence and background checks before moving ahead. Yet, if you decide not to act, there's still a pearl of wisdom in his words.

Week horoscopes pisces

La Luna causes friction with your parents, especially your mother. Although her heart's in the right place, you could feel her intentions are more controlling than concerning. Sure, she's pushing all the wrong buttons and driving you nuts, but retaliating will only fuel her fire. Try a passive approach instead. And if that doesn't work, count to ten!

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