HOROSCOPES: Chance meetings and PDA, the romantic week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning August 18. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

La Luna sparks your interest in a sexy someone when she lights up your relationship zone. You’ll be wanting to give your best from the onset, but it’s best if you play a little hard to get. You needn’t mess with childish games. However, you shouldn’t appear too eager either. After all, it’s in your best interests to step back and assess if this person is worthy of you!

taurus horoscope

An ex-lover or former female bestie makes a reappearance when Venus embraces the Moon's node. At first, you'll be thrown off-kilter, but will soon come to realise that any animosity has been well and truly left in the past. The meeting promises to be a much happier and more healing experience than you could ever anticipate.

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GEMINI horoscope

Your home zone is triggered up by Mars’ clash with your planetary ruler, Mercury. You may have trouble staying out of the line of fire when you’re targeted by a disgruntled relative. Knowing that the fault lies with your opponent and that you are merely an outlet for their issues, will help you handle the situation with poise. Rally support you if you need it.

cancer horoscope

A decision is lingering. The longer you take to bite the bullet, the more difficult it will become. Sometimes, the hardest part is making the decision itself. After that, the cosmos vows to line everything up. Once you’ve taken the first step, you’ll be surprised at how the details miraculously sort themselves out. Be brave.

leo horoscope

Money is at the forefront of your mind when the Sun collaborates with motivated Mars on Monday. A financial expert, banker or male relative can help guide you towards wealth creation, by offering you a lucky tip or a sound piece of advice. By week’s end, you should have a better understanding of how to improve your financial landscape.

VIRGO horoscope

There’s a whirlwind of galactic activity going on for Virgos. You’ve been given a blessing, which is hard to recognise amongst the chaos. Even though you’re under-the-pump, stop to take a breath and appreciate how far you’ve come. Although a difficulty has been sent to test you, brush it off without fuss, and you’ll emerge as a champion.

LIBRA horoscope

Your zone of rest and recuperation is heavily activated, demanding you take a breather. Curl up on the sofa watching reruns of your fave show, feign a sick day or listen to an inspiring podcast. Do whatever is necessary to replenish your reserves to avoid a health set back. Prevention is wiser than a cure, and you are in the driver’s seat. Look after number one.

SCORPIO horoscope

Cupid makes you his target this week. You might be surprised to discover that the arrow is shot from within your inner circle. Someone close has their sights set on you and even attached Scorpios feel the heat. Whether or not you participate in mutual flirtation is up to you. Just be aware that sexual chemistry will complicate your existing friendships.


Arrest over spending with some self-discipline. Now that Jupiter is flying at full speed, you’ll be tempted to spoil yourself. But do you really need to give your credit card a beating? No, you don’t. Pull back (just a little will do the trick). You’ll actually feel proud of yourself and more in control of your financial future.

CAPRICORN horoscope

It’s a loved-up week for Goats. Venus promises a passionate display of affection when she kisses Pluto on Saturday. Those that haven’t made a bid for your time over the weekend may miss out if they don’t get in quickly. Coupled up Goats kick up their heels at a fabulous party. Just keep the PDA under control to avoid jealous stares.

AQUARIUS horoscope

There’s talk amongst your squad. Even though the bitching isn’t directed at you, you may find yourself drawn into gossip that you’d rather avoid. Be like Switzerland. Sit on the fence if you have to. Although you may cop some heat for your lack of opinion, you’ll wind up looking like the good guy and gain a ton of respect.

Week horoscopes pisces

A lucrative business proposition is presented to you. There’s real potential for you to grow your brand through a collaborative effort or impress your boss with a new skill, provided you’re clear on all the facts. It’s not that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but you could be signing up for a commitment you’re unaware of.

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