HOROSCOPES: Fresh beginnings and pleasant surprises. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning September 29. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope

Venus tangos with mega asteroid Chiron, leaving you feeling nostalgic. As you reminisce, draw upon the blessings that this person or experience brought to your life. You were given a gift, and sometimes, it’s hard to recognise it as such when there is grieving, anger or loss associated with your memories. One thing’s for sure; you’ve been left a better person.

taurus horoscope

Adrenaline junkies beware! Mars’ clash with Uranus makes you more accident-prone than usual. Nothing to panic about, but I wouldn’t be signing up for a skydiving course or a bungee jump this week. The same goes for elective surgery or cosmetic enhancement procedures. Reschedule your botox appointment too.

GEMINI horoscope

Gorgeous Venus encourages you to improve your wellbeing from the inside out. The planet of self-love enters your health zone on Wednesday, inspiring you to do whatever it takes to get your glow on. An intense cardio workout might be your thing, but for other Twins, an indulgent sleep-in could be just what you need to replenish your mojo.

cancer horoscope

The cosmos leads you to a crossroad. The Sun and the Moon’s Node are at loggerheads, calling for you to make a choice. The high road seems so obvious, so why are you stalling? The reason has to do with a karmic link which is keeping you from progressing towards your full glory. Saturn can step in, helping you to cut ties. All you need to do is ask.

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leo horoscope

You're involved in a critical discussion this week. A contract, document or email requires your full attention. Expect the usual to-and-fro when it comes to negotiating terms, but the T&Cs end up in your favour. With Mercury retrograde only weeks away, it’s wise not to let negotiations slide or to put things off for too long.

VIRGO horoscope

Money seems to be pouring out as fast as it’s coming in. Mars has settled into your cash zone, but the planet of motivation won’t stick around for long. Take the initiative and go through your home budget or professional finances with a fine-tooth comb. Investigate expenses that seem incorrect and follow up on payments owing.

LIBRA horoscope

Lavish Venus entices you to spend up big, after entering your money zone on Wednesday. If you have some spare change, now is a great time to buy a lottery ticket or a scratchie. A cash bonus or reward is on the cards, but you shouldn’t spend it all at once. Consider saving the surplus for a rainy day.

SCORPIO horoscope

With Venus gracing your sign from mid-week, you'll be feeling your best, most gorgeous self. It feels like a great time to try out a radical new look. Now is not the time to hide under a rock. Dare to bare with lower necklines and higher hemlines. Who cares what people think? Let them look on with desire and envy.


This week, the cosmos inspires you to clean out clutter and consider downsizing. Mercury’s angel to asteroid Chiron, calls for order; and I’m not just talking about possessions. You may need to take inventory of your relationships too. Reshuffle your life to suit you, and don’t hold on to things or people that don’t bring you joy.

CAPRICORN horoscope

You could receive a status upgrade, new title or boost to your public image. Goats that have worked hard can expect the recognition they deserve, but it may come from an unexpected source. Newbie couples upgrade their relationship status on Facebook or announce their loved-up commitment through social media.

AQUARIUS horoscope

As the sign that values freedom most, you're given a chance to stretch your wings this week. The Sun’s kiss with Neptune asks that you abandon restrictions or anything that is holding you back from realising your true potential. However, you might believe that you have to be practical. Question why that is.

Week horoscopes pisces

Develop an idea that’s sparked your interest. Mercury’s collaboration with genius planet, Uranus, plants a gem of insight into your head. It’s no use if you don’t do anything with it though. Take your idea and make something happen. Delay sharing your thoughts until you’re clear on your purpose. You don’t need any naysayers steering you off course.

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