HOROSCOPES: Friendship conflicts and taking risks: The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning October 4. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

On Sunday, Pluto shakes off its retrograde, inspiring you to step boldly into unknown territory. Scary huh? Remind yourself of the rich rewards that await those courageous enough to sail uncharted waters. Making mistakes is not only human, but it’s also the best way to learn. As the risk-taker of the zodiac, believe that you’re up to the task.


La Luna asks you to have a conversation about an issue that’s slowly turning stale. When the moon is in your sign, past emotions can resurface. Use whatever bubbles up to motivate you and address the problem. Suppressing uncomfortable feelings only works for a short time until the wound begins to fester. This week, airing out your thoughts expedites healing.

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Deal with necessary negotiations before Mercury goes into retrograde. You may not tick everything off your list, but that’s okay. Now is the time to prioritise. Take care of documents that require a signature. Back up your phone and laptop too. As Mercury is your planetary ruler, you tend to be more sensitive to the trickster planet’s backward spin.


Crabs putting off a conversation can finally open up with confidence and approach a taboo topic. Adding a splash of humour during your discussion works to your advantage. When all is said and done, you and your lover will be laughing about what’s already behind you.

It's a week of learning for Lionesses. Mars’ clash with powerhouse Pluto demands you listen up! Pay attention to retreating patterns. Is an ex returning to tempt you back into old ways? Are you lowering your price because your self worth is in the dumps? Only you can make the change, Leo. Observe your behaviour and stay sharp. 


Asteroid Chiron asks you to enforce your boundaries. At the same time, Venus gives you the confidence to draw a line in the sand. Stick to your guns, Virgo. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into believing that a falling out was your fault. You’re one of the smartest signs of the zodiac, so trust in what you know to be true. Stand your ground.


It's time for a self lovefest! Spoil yourself as gorgeous Venus floats into your rejuvenation sphere. However, do try and indulge in healthy pastimes. For instance, rather than demolishing tubs and tubs of ice cream, consume delicious, nourishing foods like organic dark chocolate instead. Do what makes you feel good but keep the long-term effects in mind.

Mercury’s alignment with Uranus inspires you to make a sudden discussion with your sweetheart. Serious progress can be made with excellent results, but approach sensitive matters with care. Be guided by your partner’s response and above all, don’t push. Provided you tread with kindness, you’ll come to a mutually satisfying decision.


It’s decision time! Action-orientated Mars demands progress. If you don’t feel 100% ready, just take the first baby step. Once you begin, you’ll be surprised at how organically things flow. Whatever you do, don’t let fear or lack of confidence hold you back. Push onwards and upwards, even it’s in small increments.

The big cosmic news for you, is that Pluto abandons its retrograde in your sign from Sunday. While in rewind, you may have felt you were pushing uphill, working hard but not making enough progress. Now, things begin to ease, particularly in terms of your health and energy levels. It’s a slow build, but you’re heading in the right direction.


Aim to manage your time more efficiently, Aquarius. Allowed your daily routine or work schedule to slip? Bring back order by setting some limitations (a bit of self-discipline wouldn’t hurt either). You’re up to the task, so it won’t take long to get your beat back. Set your sights on the bigger picture - that will help to motivate you.

You’re a gentle soul, so when Pluto rattles your friendship zone, your feelings could get hurt. The conflict may be unintentional. But still, how much leeway will you give this insensitive person? If an apology is forthcoming, another chance is deserved. However, if met with defiance, ask yourself, is this relationship really what you want or need in your life?

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