HOROSCOPES: A second chance and a stroke of luck. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning May 9. For more from Natasha, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Think loving thoughts, Aries. When Venus glides into your communication sphere, you’ll tell your sweetheart exactly how you feel. The conversation is super positive as your sentiments are mirrored back to you. You may even hear something surprising in the best of ways. Singles seek a mental connection when physical gratification just doesn’t cut it.


By mid-week, La Luna launches a new cycle, giving you another go at something you thought was dead and buried. Would you like a second chance? In the days before Wednesday’s new Moon, plan a clever strategy to get to where you want to go. If you want someone back in your life, think carefully about what must be revealed to make that happen.

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Not felt your sexy self lately? That’s all about to change. Venus skips into your sign on Sunday, bringing a rosy glow to your cheeks and sass to your strut. Singles attract attention like a moth to a flame. Take your pick, Gemini! Coupled Twins are more aligned with their partners when the love planet plonks you both on the same page.

Protect sensitive information from reaching those that want to see you come undone. As Venus slides into your secrets sector, the cosmos warns you to be discreet. Confide only in friends and family that are 100 per cent in your corner. Someone is lurking in the shadows, and she doesn't have your best interests at heart. No need to worry, though; forewarned is forearmed.


Your social calendar is jam-packed with fun activities. You love a party, Leo, and Venus promises to please. The planet of gorgeousness skips into your zone of friendship and networking. So, while you’re out playing, make some valuable connections too. You have the cosmic green light to mix work with pleasure this week. Don’t forget to pop a business card in your bag!

Wednesday’s new Moon teaches you a valuable lesson. Don’t worry, Virgo; you’ve paid your dues, and now it’s time to reap the benefits. Take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your primary relationship. If you’re single, use what you now know to cultivate a healthier connection. Never put yourself last on the list, ever again. From now on, prioritise yourself!


Your planetary ruler strengthens your education zone, so make use of every opportunity to upskill. Tempted to sign up for that webinar? Do it! The information will come in handy, at least. At best, you could use what you learn to enter a new field of expertise if that’s what you want. Nothing gets past you this week - your mind is razor sharp!


La Luna highlights all types of partnerships this week. With a bit of work, old relationships enter a new phase like a breath of fresh air while new connections flourish. But what type of work is called for? It’s all in the details, Scorpio. Tune in to the other person. What subtle hints are they giving you? If you’re stuck, read their body language.

Good news! Your planetary ruler enters a new sign on Friday, bringing an overall boost and a stroke of luck. Jupiter’s shift brings out your best, which means that life flows more smoothly. You’ll have fewer obstacles to overcome, and more opportunities will land in your lap. Still, this cosmic good fortune is a temporary fix. So, get on it, Saggi!


Your creative juices are flowing, so let loose any design ideas, musical talents or writing prowess. The new Moon activates your artistic sphere along with your gifts, which includes talent that’s been dormant for the past twelve months. Yep, this boost only comes around once a year! So, pick up your pen, paintbrush, microphone or any other tools you need to wield your creative magic - now!


Venus begs you to stop and think about your heart’s desires, particularly when it comes to relationships. Love is on your mind, but if you want more of it, what can you do to make that happen? Cultivate connection by falling in love with yourself. Sound strange? The law of attraction doesn’t think so. Start romancing yourself, darling Aquarius.

Happy days! As Jupiter enters your sign on Friday, you’re instantly elevated. It’s like the cosmos has flicked a switch, and now, you see everything through rose-coloured glasses. Who cares! You’re feeling fabulous, and that’s what matters. As new and improved circumstances arise, you’ll feel exponentially positive. Ride this wave of optimism with confidence, Pisces.

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