HOROSCOPES: How this week's full moon will affect your week, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning May 3. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Thursday’s full moon brings change, but not the type that involves a new job, haircut or relationship. No, this shift is on a deep, soulful level. You’re rejigging yourself from the inside out – your wants, needs and above all, your priorities. Embrace this transition as a necessary part of your personal growth and boldly step into the next chapter.

weekly horoscope

La Luna guides you to a crossroad in your primary relationship. On a positive note, this could mean that the two of you finally come to an agreement or resolve a problem. Or, on another note, some Bulls may decide to sever ties – for good. Singles realise they want depth and intimacy rather than superficial banter and empty promises.


Every 18 months, or so, the Moon's Node changes sign, making this shift a huge deal. And this week, it's your turn Gemini! As the Node enters your sign on Tuesday, you're dealing with a karmic issue. You've signed up to learn a valuable lesson, and although this story takes 18 months to unfold, the class has begun. Look out for your partner in crime – they're waiting for you too.

cancer horoscope

On Tuesday, Mercury's dance with the Sun encourages you to work with your hands. This cosmic alignment is happening in an earth sign, so throw yourself into an activity where you can get your hands dirty. Cooking, digging in the garden or sculpting clay are brilliant ways to release tension this week. Do these grounding activities mindfully, and they'll double up as a stress-busting movement meditation.

leo horoscope

It’s what you do consistently, that really counts. Moving a mountain in one fell swoop is just not going to happen this week. Instead, use Pluto’s influence to reassess what you do on a daily basis. Your everyday routine holds the key to smashing your goals. So, make sure you're chipping away at your objective. Every. Damn. Day.

VIRGO horoscope

You might have to walk away from a toxic relationship with a bestie or lover. Or, exit a family scenario that’s been doing nothing but drain you of energy. Don’t worry, the Moon’s Node steps in to support you this week. Prioritise your needs, Virgo. Continually pouring your heart and soul into this person or situation is no longer okay. It’s time to refuel your own tank.

LIBRA horoscope

You gain a valuable piece of insight this week, thanks to the full moon's presence in your money zone. Although the news could help you out of a financial tight spot, make sure it doesn't come with strings attached. Read documents and contracts carefully. It's not a bad time to sign on the dotted line, provided you have all the facts at hand. Remember, knowledge is power.

SCORPIO horoscope

Dream big, Scorpio! Thursday’s full moon makes its annual appearance in your sign, granting you a wish. And then Mercury's kiss with Neptune helps it come true. What should you wish for? Love or a unique, passion project tops the list. Still, don't have to sit back and wait. Hold up your end of the bargain, and do what you can to increase your odds of success.


The Moon’s South Node enters your sign for the first time in over 18 months. Often referred to as the Dragon's Tail, this Node serves to rid you of what's not working in your favour. Ditch a bad habit, frenemy or a toxic person that’s been weighing you down. You'll walk with a little extra spring in your step once you've decided to do just that.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Elevate your wellbeing with information from a website, book or health article. You've been working hard, whether that be at work, at home or with the kids. Now, the full moon asks you to refill your own cup. But first, you need a plan. And that's where education steps in. Reading – everything and anything wellness related – will guide you to what you need to know.

AQUARIUS horoscope

This week sees you entering a new relationship cycle, as the Moon's Node enters your love zone on Tuesday. For couples, this doesn't necessarily mean abandoning your current relationship. But perhaps embarking on a new path, hand-in-hand. For singles, use a lesson learnt from your ex, to improve the quality of a romantic connection.

Week horoscopes pisces

You're such a gentle, go-with-the-flow type, Pisces, but its time to channel your inner bitch. Let her loose! Exercise your rights and prove that you're no pushover. Being strong doesn't mean you have to bulldoze people, but when your limits are tested, it's healthy to set boundaries. So that next time, bullies will think twice before pressing your buttons.

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