HOROSCOPES: New relationships and positive communication. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning May 10. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Someone you love, whether that’s a lover, child or parent, desperate wants to open up to you. Are you listening? Make yourself available for a heartfelt conversation when Venus reverses in your communication sphere on Wednesday. This chat may not be the light and frivolous type, but you’ll emerge with greater understanding and peace of mind.

weekly horoscope

Mercury makes its last hoorah in your sign, before exiting on Tuesday. Before the communication planet says goodbye, it forms a lucky alignment with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Here’s your chance to speak your mind - and get away with it! Your words will flow like liquid gold, and the actions that follow will be in your favour too.


Let’s clear something up from last week. The Moon's Node in your sign is a big cosmic deal, but it doesn't bring bad tidings. Sure, karmic issues will be stirred up, but you're also offered a golden opportunity. Now is the time to abandon people and circumstances that hold you back. Break a cycle. Rewrite your narrative. Just make sure you learn from life's little lessons, Gemini.

cancer horoscope

Having trouble sleeping? It's no wonder with all the cosmic activity happening in your subconscious sphere! This week, it's crucial that you take time out. Not from activities or physical work, but from the mental ruminating that's been going on inside your head. Be still. Meditate. If you can't stop your thoughts, try to redirect them to your happy place instead.

leo horoscope

Saturn, the planet of discipline, reverses in your relationship zone on Monday. For single Lions, this could mean that a developing relationship stops in its tracks, or that you put the brakes on pursuing a potential love interest. Perhaps there’s someone better, waiting in the wings? And you can feel it. Couples put a project on the back burner for now.

VIRGO horoscope

Mars kick starts your love life this week, firing up your relationship zone with plenty of get-up-and-go. Singles relish getting their flirt on! They’ll be plenty of attention from the opposite sex. If you've made an online connection, expect the interaction to intensify. Just make sure you maintain respectful boundaries if you don't want him getting the wrong idea.

LIBRA horoscope

This week, it feels as though the cosmic fog is lifting. A situation or a person's intentions are becoming clearer. What you learn may not be what you initially hoped for or expected, but you're okay with that. In fact, it comes as a relief. You still need a bit of time to process this new information. Yet, after Wednesday, you're halfway there, Libra.

SCORPIO horoscope

You may clash with a Facebook friend or social media connection, thanks to Jupiter’s retrograde on Thursday. Chances are, they have misinterpreted a piece of information. Don’t lose a wink of sleep over it though. If the person decides to unfriend or unfollow you, they'll be replaced by someone that brings terrific value to you, either on a personal or professional level.


Breaking up is hard to do, right Sagittarius? Still, the Moon’s Node is helping you do just that. And somehow, you're feeling great about it! This isn't necessarily about a relationship coming to an end (or, it could be). Think about a vice that you'd be much better off without. Ditch bad habits and addictions that prevent you from being your best self.

CAPRICORN horoscope

The Sun makes an auspicious angle to potent Pluto, offering you a leadership role on a silver platter. But wait; this cosmic bonanza is in your zone of love and children. So not only will professional Goats get a shot at a promotion or kick a work goal, but the rest of you will claim the same level of authority in your personal relationships too.

AQUARIUS horoscope

Just when you thought it was all systems go, you hit a snag! But don't worry, it's actually a blessing in disguise. You may need to delay a project, conversation or hibernate a bit longer. That being said, the hiatus allows you to attend to a missed matter or neglected detail. Saturn is waiting to reward you when you've discovered what that is.

Week horoscopes pisces

You're likely to splurge on an extravagant purchase this week. While you view the expense as an investment in your home or physical appearance, Venus says otherwise. Although your indulgence isn’t going to break the bank, ask if you can pay in instalments. That way, you’ll ease financial pressure and feel better about your decision in the long term.

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