HOROSCOPES: Increased wealth and new friends. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning March 8. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

On Tuesday, the full Moon illuminates your wellbeing zone. Focus on boosting your immune system and eliminating any nasty health habits that keep you from being your most vibrant and energetic self. You'll have the Universe's support if you choose to ditch a toxic vice. But remember that your mental attitude plays an essential role in your physical wellness, too. Address stress!

weekly horoscope

Expect a hiccup in your love life thanks to Venus' meet-up with erratic Uranus in your sign. Mercury's still in retrograde until Tuesday, so the issue could involve a misunderstanding between you and your sweetheart. Although you may not see the problem coming, you'll deal with it beautifully. Tune out from misguided advice, no matter how well-intended it is.


A career opportunity or advancement has your name written all over it. Nevertheless, hold off from signing official documents until after Tuesday. After that, it's full steam ahead! Be clear on your objective and know your professional worth before entering into negotiations. You're more likely to get what you want if you know exactly what that is!

cancer horoscope

A beautiful friendship is likely to blossom with a female that you meet by chance. This week, Venus links with the moon’s node in your sign, highlighting a pre-destined connection. You needn't go looking for this person; it will happen quite naturally. Just be open. In time, they could prove to be an inspiration, mentor, or guiding light in your life.

leo horoscope

Tuesday’s full moon spotlights your cash zone, granting an opportunity to increase your wealth or add to your asset pool. Rather than focusing on your end goal, examine the finer details and carefully consider a step-by-step process. Don't gloss over the fine print. For others, a beautiful heirloom, gift or purchase could come into your possession by week’s end.

VIRGO horoscope

La Luna highlights your sign on the same day that Neptune and the sun align in your relationship zone. What you project, in terms of your self-worth, will be returned to you tenfold. Standing your ground can be challenging, especially if you fear the consequences. Still, if you want to be treated with respect, find love or cultivate commitment, it’s your best option.

LIBRA horoscope

Flood your body with nutritious foods, smoothies and juices, and protect your sleep! With the sun and Neptune conspiring in your health arena, you could be feeling fragile this week. Rebooting your physical reserves protects you from catching bugs or harmful viruses, provided you practise prevention and don’t burn the candle at both ends.

SCORPIO horoscope

A lucky break comes your way when the sun makes a favourable angle to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. While pausing to consider another option or mentally navigating possible risks is usually advised; this time, jump in hook, line and sinker. Hesitation is not your friend this week. Grab a golden opportunity with both hands and carpe diem!


Either a new career direction becomes available to you or the option to expand an existing role opens up. Prepare for exciting consequences if you're brave enough to step outside your comfort zone. You love learning new things and broadening your skill-set, so if you're nervous, see this as giving you the scope to do just that. Other Archers rehash a beloved life goal.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Travel is on your mind. However, trickster planet Mercury is in retrograde until Tuesday, causing disruption to your plans. And, on the same day, the full moon highlights your sector of international connections. Your itinerary will likely be delayed, or you'll be waiting on the information before you can jet off. A decision is made clear by week's end.

AQUARIUS horoscope

After Tuesday, Mercury halts its retrograde, encouraging you to muster up the courage to express your adoration for someone that's in the dark about your feelings. Their response is inconsequential because whether or not they're keen, you'll be able to move forward one way or another. By week's end, couples work out an issue or grievance, resulting in a happy ending.

Week horoscopes pisces

Learn to be your own best friend, Pisces. Obsessing over your flaws only creates unfavourable outcomes based on the theory that you attract what you fear. Instead, start to recognise everything that you have got going for you. What’s your end goal for 2020? Fixate on that this week and don’t become distracted by anything (or anyone) that isn’t outrageously positive.

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