HOROSCOPES: Friendship friction and an encounter with an ex. The week ahead according to your star sign.

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Saturday’s new Moon inspires some well deserved ‘me time.’ If you’ve been running yourself ragged, stop! Claiming time out to pamper yourself or simply retreat into solitude will happen more easily than you anticipate. Go on, Aries put your feet up. Worried about the inevitable guilt trip from your partner, kids or judgemental friends? Don’t. Just do you.


Someone in your inner circle feels neglected and blames you, Taurus. This person means you no harm, but this week’s new Moon invites them to a self-pity party as the guest of honour. The best way to deal with any friendship friction is to offer your understanding without crossing your own boundaries. If you're time-poor and your compassion isn’t good enough, that’s their problem.

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Venus nudges the Moon’s Node in your relationship sector on Wednesday - an encounter notorious for digging up exes! An ex-spouse or old flame may resurface, and thanks to la Luna’s unpredictable position, this could happen when you least expect it. Look fabulous when you step out to avoid a bump in when you’re feeling less than your best. Still, ask yourself, do you really care anyway? 

Coupled Crabs begin the week in a bubble of bliss. There’s nowhere you’d rather be than by your sweetheart’s side. Chances are, circumstances throw you into a situation where you get to spend more quality time together - happy days! Singles find their bliss in being fiercely independent. This week, you want for nothing more than your own fantastic company.


Saturday’s new Moon highlights partnerships. Boss babes consider collaborating with an influential mentor, colleague or inspirational figure. Getting this person on-side to support your brand would be highly beneficial. Other Lionesses reassess a platonic or professional relationship. Make sure your giving/receiving ratio is equally balanced.

La Luna offers a fresh start in your relationship zone. Here’s your chance for a do-over, Virgo. You may believe you’ve burnt your bridges, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Although moving forward would require you to make some compromises. Before you put your heart back on the line, ask yourself, are you prepared to do that?


Struggling to let go of a bad health habit? When it comes to making improvements to your wellbeing, Saturday’s new Moon is behind you all the way. Addictions can be small and seemingly insignificant, or totally consuming. Recognise the difference and if you need help, reach out to a professional. It’s a good week to kick the habit once and for all.


Let your hair down and allow your inner child out to play! La Luna wants you to have fun, which is not as frivolous or time-wasting as it sounds. Cultivating happiness can require some effort, so make time to socialise and do what fills you with joy. Feel-good hormones boost your wellbeing too. Be proactive about having a good time, and it’s a win-win for you, Scorpio.

Brace yourself; you could witness a loved one’s vulnerability, which comes as a surprise. Once you understand that you don’t yet know everything there is to know about this person, you’ll have a new-found appreciation for them. By week’s end, you’ll both see each other in an entirely new light. A precious family occasion is the highlight of your week.


The Sun embraces Neptune in your gossip zone - beware of who you tell your secrets to, Capricorn! Assuming you can trust someone new to your inner circle may be a mistake. If you must get something off your chest, chose a childhood bestie that’s proven their loyalty. Also, don’t believe a piece of odd or suspicious information. Chances are, there’s no substance to it.


The Moon glows in your sign, bringing support from a special female. This woman is uplifting, either personally or professionally, and you probably already know her. You may share a past-life connection or childhood memories too. But whatever your history, she’s worthy of your attention. Carve out time in your busy schedule to hear her out and listen to her recommendations.

Saturday’s new Moon is in your sign, Pisces, and it’s making you more open to compromise. Use a fresh, updated outlook to solve an old problem. How can you do things differently? This helps to heal a relationship, as what was previously stuck now flows more smoothly. Singles cross paths with a love interest that’s creative in some way. Their talent is a massive turn on!

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