HOROSCOPES: What the end of Mercury retrograde means for you, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning March 24. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

Venus brings a reprieve in the form of a weekend escape, out-of-town jaunt or a day spent catching up on sleep. Rather than feeling guilty over your lack of productiveness, use the opportunity to reestablish your equilibrium and prepare for busy times ahead. But for now, focus on relaxation and pampering.

taurus horoscope

Your planetary ruler, Venus, glows in your friendship zone on Wednesday. Arrange to spend some quality time with your squad. This week, it’s all about the sisterhood supporting each other in meaningful ways. Either you will offer your bestie a shoulder to cry on or it might be you that calls upon a trusted friend for guidance.

GEMINI horoscope

Hallelujah! Mercury halts its retrograde, flowing forward through the heavens once again on Friday. Over the past two weeks, Mercury was reversing through your career zone, causing a few hiccups and delays. You may have been offered an exciting opportunity, only to have it stalemate. The good news is that from week’s end, things will become unstuck and move in the right direction.

cancer horoscope

La Luna inspires romance on Thursday, when it highlights your relationship sphere. You may be tempted to contact a past lover, as you reminisce over fond memories. Couples share a special connection through a mutual appreciation of something or someone. Capture the moment with a photograph or by journaling in your diary.

leo horoscope

Money is spotlighted when Venus enters your financial sphere on Wednesday. There is danger in excessive spending or being frivolous with your cash this week. However, you also have a golden opportunity to make a wise investment or gain funding for an important venture. Make a conscious choice about how you wish to proceed. Being cautious now will line your pocket in the long term.

VIRGO horoscope

La Luna graces your home sector on Monday, drawing your attention to an important family matter. If you have children, you may need to give some more TLC to your little ones this week. Other Virgos experience a surge of intense feeling. No, you’re not going crazy. Consider this an emotional detox before Mercury ends its retrograde on Friday.

LIBRA horoscope

Your boss, a person in authority or a coworker is willing to lend you a helping hand. Lucky Jupiter connects with the Moon’s Node on Monday, blessing you with valuable guidance and assistance. Accept what is offered graciously. There may be a small catch however, so be prepared to repay the favour when the time comes.

SCORPIO horoscope

Expect an overdue conversation to flow smoothly when Mercury shifts gears and quits its retrograde on Friday. If you need to raise a sensitive topic with your partner or child wait until then, as you’ll be more likely to get your point across and end up winning the argument. At best, you will both emerge triumphant, having found a mutually beneficial compromise.


If you’ve fallen out with your mother, sister or best friend, this week presents you with an opportunity to heal the rift. Venus loves to revel in the sisterhood and wants nothing more than to reconnect you with an important female in your life. Try to assess the situation from a loving vantage point and ditch the need to be right.

CAPRICORN horoscope

La Luna enters your sign on Thursday, regurgitating an issue from your past or bringing a childhood friend into focus. Find the time to see someone special, otherwise you may lose the opportunity, even if you had every intention of catching up. Sharing a precious memory will help you to discover a sense of belonging that brings joy and healing.

AQUARIUS horoscope

Revolutionary Uranus is shaking up your zone of home and family, helping to push you out of your comfort zone by attending to an important task. Aquarians living in their parent’s house may consider spreading their wings and finding a nest of their own. Others can confidently tackle an overdue repair or renovation around the house by week’s end.

Week horoscopes pisces

Your creative genius is on fire when Neptune, your planetary ruler, kisses Mercury on Monday. Due to Mercury’s retrograde, now is not the time to put your brilliant ideas out for judgement. Instead, keep your thoughts and dreams close to your chest. Mercury will be direct by week’s end, so if you feel ready, you have the green light to proceed then.

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